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daiwa 7ht mag

  1. Reel Repair and Maintenance
    After looking on youtube and not finding any decent begining to end service videos i decided to do my own. So anyone wanting to service the 7ht mag can view the vid, its a long video and will help you familiarise yourself with the service of the reel. I also luckily replaced the washer drags...
  2. Reel Repair and Maintenance
    Hi, has anyone taken the left side plate with the mags apart. I want to replace mine but can't seem to find much info on how to do it. I read somewhere that it might be a tricky job. Any advice welcomed. Cheers
  3. Angling Item SALE or SWAP.
    Hi. I have a Daiwa 7ht Mag in which I broke the set plate which is part 60 on the schematic. Its the part thats screwed to the cage left side under side plate, and holds the Magnet and bearings in place. I also need the 3 screws that hold it in place. If anyone has a spare one, please...