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  1. Europe
    Hi everyone! Just sharing av video of me deep sea fishing for cusk off the coast of Norway! (The video was made in collaboration with Daiwa Scandinavia). Best regards, Atle
  2. Reel Repair and Maintenance
    Hi, just got back into fishing after a 3 year break. Just before I gave up I mono magged a sl20sh but never used it. Now that I have had chance to use it, it had become my favourite reel. However now I want to convert a second sl20sh so I have a pair but I can't seem to find the kit anywhere...
  3. Tackle & Equipment Discussions
    Evening all, I recieved a Daiwa Tournament Surf 136M in the post today. I've taken it out for a few practice casts, and whilst it seems like a nice rod, I noticed that the blank walls are really thin. Like, really thin! There's not much reinforcement on the female section of the join either...
  4. General Sea Angling Discussion
    Just to let you guys know, i was a bit gutted that the daiwa seatbox i got few months ago didnt come with a side tray, i was in angling direct yesterday and they sell side trays for their own advanta boxes, that are unbranded black, that fit absolutely perfect on the daiwa box, for £4.99
  5. Angling Clubs
    I was bequeathed a couple of rod's after my brother died about 10 years ago. They are a Moonraker Supreme 9100 - 12 (which is in pretty bad shape), and a Power Cast 6500 - 12. I remember the Moonraker's were very good rods in the 1970's/80's when I started out beach fishing, but that's about...
  6. Tackle & Equipment Discussions
    I have seen this rod listed in a few online shops, but not seen one in the flesh, or seen any user reviews. Anyone got one? Any comments?
  7. Tackle & Equipment Discussions
    Hi folks i was planning on buying an HTO Nebula 9'6 15-56g for plugging for bass but i now find myself on the fence with the daiwa whisker 10ft there anyone out there who has tried or bought both and if so what do you prefer and why?
  8. Tackle & Equipment Discussions
    Morning, I’ve recently bought a Daiwa BG. 3500 As much as I love the reel, the handle knob isn’t what a like or am comfortable using. Has anyone go an alternative it can be changed to? I’ve seen some big chunky ones which are not really what I’m looking for. More looking for a smaller...
  9. Reel Repair and Maintenance
    Hi there im wondering if any of you can help i have a Daiwa Opus E5000a and im needing to track down an spare spool, Does anyone have one lying about or know where i could get one? I would prefer this to be the metal one however if only a plastic one was available I would take that instead...
  10. South Coast & Channel Islands Catch Reports
    Unless you have a penchant for flounder fishing or love eating whiting, winter can be a very lackluster time of the year to be out fishing. However, if you are conger fishing from the rocks, some absolute beasts can show in our county. We've really started to up the hours, as covered in Sam's...
  11. New Member Introductions Forum
    Hello every body. I won't bore you to tears with the whole story but in a nutshell I am going fishing again after an absence of 18 years! I injured my back I put on weight (a lot of) and my Doc gave me 3 years max unless I do something NOW! I have always loved sea fishing and went with my...
1-11 of 14 Results