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  1. The Bass Lure Forum
    Hi all, Apart from a little perch session I've not been out for far to long. Just wondering if there's anyone is still catching anywhere along the midd and North Wales coasts. I'm at the point now I'm getting out asap before I go stir crazy. I don't mind a drive or horrendous weather either...
  2. North East Catch Reports
    Went down Billy's for some rag and lug this morning, so had a trip up amble and met up with Bamburgh breaker. What a great kid, got small coalies first cast and after that was flounder after flounder lost count of how many.( Easy over 20)End up with to really small Coalies and plague with...
  3. Rest of the World
    Hi. It just so happens that im going to sri lanka late december early januari. We have planed roughly how we are to spend our 3 weeks there and im planing on doing some shore fishing. Have been readin on the forums trhough all the threads i could find. Got a good thought of what gear and what...
1-3 of 3 Results