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  1. Bountiful Beer

    South West Catch Reports
    I found out about the self-drives at Beer around about a year ago and I've been wanting to visit since. Finally managed to get down at the weekend and took 2 boats out between 4 of us for 6 hours. Aside from a tiny drizzle of rain and a fog that seemed to hang around for much of the day, the...
  2. Pretty new to float fishing

    Float Fishing Forum
    Hi guys, As the title says, I’m a newbie when it comes to float fishing. I’m keen to get out off some rock marks local to me (North Devon) in the next couple of days - most of the marks I usually fish are quite snaggy so I don’t bother with a float (I’ll stick a pulley rig on if I’m going to...
  3. New to fishing

    Newbie Introduction Forum
    Hi all, I have recently picked up fishing and realised that I really enjoy it, been fishing for around 2/3 months now. I live in North Devon so would like to pick some people's brains who fish around here. Thanks
  4. Newbie east Devon area

    Newbie Introduction Forum
    Hi All Not done much fishing lately but getting back into moved from Cornwall to east Devon looking for good spots, dont mind a walk to lol. Tom
  5. Help! Rock fishing advice for Plymouth and wembury Bay area?

    Beginners and Improvers
    Hello :) I'm Sara, I'm very new and my fishing knowledge is limited... Hence the cry for advice. My boyfriend and me are on holiday in wembury this week, he loves fishing, but he's from New Zealand so hasn't fished UK shores successfully yet. Any advice or rough locations would be insanely...
  6. Skerries October

    South West Catch Reports
    Hi all, I've been lurking on this forum for a few years now, but decided to finally make an account. I'm going out to the Skerries beginning of October, I know it's renowned for plaice / rays. I was just wondering if there's much else out there to catch? I've got bladed flapper rigs with...
  7. Hello from Dorset (Lyme)

    Newbie Introduction Forum
    Been a few years since I was on this site but glad to be back on and seeing what’s around and how everybody’s doing! After selling my Century TT’s and throwing everything out I’m finally getting back into it again, after a couple years Brought myself a couple Soniks, not bad rods I guess...
  8. limited mobility for father need a Tope venue somerset/Devon

    Shore Angling
    Hi guys of Somerset & Devon hoping you can help last few years my father has turned to my passion of sea angling hes been doing well but is after a Tope but from the shore not a boat. He lives abroad and our Bi annual fishing holiday is coming up where he comes and stays so...ive got 9 days to...
  9. Ilfracombe and surrounding areas

    South West Catch Reports
    Hi I'm going to Ilfracombe in a couple of weeks time and was wondering what people were catching around these areas at the moment. Any advice and tips would be appreciated. Thanks
  10. Advice North Devon- overnight

    South West Catch Reports
    Hello all! Only my 2nd post so I'll keep it short: My 10yr old and I both love the outdoors (cold wet camping not an issue) and regularly fish the Bristol channel. My plan- To go to North Devon Fish overnight Take a tent- young man will want to sleep -I might have a snooze! Advice needed...
  11. South West fishing holiday base

    General Sea Angling Discussion
    Hi all, me and a mate are thinking of popping down to Devon or Cornwall for a week of camping/fishing/walking and are mulling over where we should base ourselves. We're ultimately going for Bass or anything that isn't mackerel really. Anyone got any advice? cheers Brick
  12. Casting tuition Plymouth (Staddy fields)

    Hi All, very keen for some one to one tuition on casting, I normally use the overhead thump but can put together a cruddy pendulum on a field. Would love to learn to add some extra distance, improve my open beach pendulum and learn a "fishing" pendulum for more restricted marks. Can do weekends...