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  1. South West Catch Reports
    Fishing Budleigh salterton tonight, actually we are fishing from around 6pm through till around 8 or 9 am tomorrow, I am not really targeting anything in particular, I am simply fishing for what ever decides to take my bait... I have ragworm, Mackeral, squid, whiting, & sand eel and black lug...
  2. East Coast Catch Reports
    Hey everyone, I haven't been on here for a while as to be honest I forgot I even had an account (although I always snoop threads hehe) I'm getting back into fishing and have all my gear set but I am wondering where I can go where i can park and then walk as little to the beach as I can because...
  3. Shore Angling
    Hi guys of Somerset & Devon hoping you can help last few years my father has turned to my passion of sea angling hes been doing well but is after a Tope but from the shore not a boat. He lives abroad and our Bi annual fishing holiday is coming up where he comes and stays so...ive got 9 days to...
1-3 of 3 Results