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  1. General Sea Angling Discussion
    Hi guys, Does anyone here have any tips on a really good setup, rod/reel and line to distance cast for mackerel? I think my technique is decent but my current setup is not helping. I have a Penn Squadron 2 rod and a Penn surfblaster 3 8000 reel. Been fishing at Chesil and I've noticed that the...
  2. Casting Forum.
    I’m looking to upgrade my rod and reel and wondered what would be the best rod and reel for beach fishing, I need to improve my distance casting so any set up that would aid this would be brilliant?
  3. East Coast Catch Reports
    What is a reasonable wind speed for successful shore fishing and casting on the Norfolk coast? Is that even a question? I'm about to start shore fishing again after a 30 year break, all previous was in the sheltered Solent, not the North Sea. I have new beach casting kit at the ready, but have...
  4. Casting Forum.
    Any advise welcome I can handle honesty.
1-4 of 4 Results