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  1. Help required for making home made mepps

    Lure DIY: Home Made Lures & Lure Fishing Tackle
    Hi there folks, im looking for advice on home made mepps, I have managed to source all materials except the wire for making the shafts off the mepp..can anyone point me in the right direction? I was considering stainless Tig wire but i have no idea on what gauge to use and if it will even be...
  2. 3d printed fishing equipment

    DIY Tackle
    I WILL KEEP UPDATING THIS PAGE WHEN I 3D PRINT NEW STUFF FOR FISHING just wanted to share my 3d printed rod holders takes around 40 min to print i am busy at the moment making and designing a 3d printed lure mold for my mate
  3. Made my own cocktail baiting needle

    General Sea Angling Discussion
    I picked up a couple of the gemini coctail baiting needles, theyre really awkward being spring loaded, nightmare trying to pinch it shut while holding elasctic and bait in place and to whip round also , so i chopped it down and made this. this things works an absolute treat , personalised it for...
  4. Looking for plain lead or metal jigs without foil

    Lure DIY: Home Made Lures & Lure Fishing Tackle
    Ok folks for some of you who probably saw my last post about foil for jigs, i have decided that I want to go down this path and I was wondering if anyone on here had seen plain metal or lead jigs similar to these or these online or if they know someone on here or not who makes them? I would...
  5. foil for metal jigs

    Lure DIY: Home Made Lures & Lure Fishing Tackle
    Hi, there I'm trying to find the foil that's used on holographic lures preferably with fish scales but would consider without. As far as I'm aware the stuff has to be heated up with a heat gun but I'm hoping some of you clever folks on here will be able to point me in the right direction. Cheers
  6. Ian golds 7ft tripod 4 rod conversion

    Tackle & Equipment Discussions
    Hi folks was considering buying some aluminum flat bar and a spare head to modify my tripod into a 4 rod tripod, do you think the tripod would still be stable with 4 rods....i would only be using the 4 rods on clean to mixed ground, 2 x flattie fanatics on the outside and 2 14ft beachcasters...
  7. Help with gemini 100 mould

    DIY Tackle
    Guys I have the gemini system 100 mould. I tried to make 7+8oz weights the other evening using the little cut out gemini provided. I can't get passed 6oz!! Now for the 7+8oz do you need the long tail loops or are the standard ones ok? Someone please advise as I'm baffled.
  8. DIY CUBA?!

    Saltwater Fly Fishing Forum
    Hello fellas, In Feburary/March 2018 I'm going to Cuba. I'm planning on spending a month and a bit backpacking ect. I am highly renowned among experts and novices as a Master Salmon flyfisher man, and have earned the nickname "Springer's Bane" back in Scotland... only joking, but i enjoy it a...
  9. Homa made glide

    Lure DIY: Home Made Lures & Lure Fishing Tackle
    So watched videos about home made lures in YouTube. Channel called "The Handmade Fisherman". He has alot of useful information and also free templates and step by step guides with tool list etc. Anyway, I have started to make my own basic glide. Material - pine (NOT THE BEST ONE), I could not...
  10. Home fishing lure machine

    General Sea Angling Discussion
    Living about 5 minutes away from our local fish processing factory , me and the other recreational fishermen have access to the fish leftovers of the factory to produce the paste we use to lure in the fish into our fishing spot . In this video i will show you a custom made processing machine...
  11. Make Your Own Lure Lead Heads

    Lure DIY: Home Made Lures & Lure Fishing Tackle
    My last post on here caused a bit of controversy so lets try again..... I have finally got around to making some homemade lead heads for split belly shads using a 2-part high temperature resistant RTV silicon mould. The design is based on a popular lure but i have used what i would consider an...
  12. Make Your Own Split Belly Shad Bodies

    Lure DIY: Home Made Lures & Lure Fishing Tackle
    Soft Plastic lures have brought me great results this year but there is one problem..... they are expensive! I have been aware that the moulds and kits are available to pour your own soft plastic lures for some time so I took the plunge and brought everything i needed to pour my own lure bodies...