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  1. A km Out From Rossall School

    North West & the Isle of Man Catch Reports
    Had a day out on my SIB -- am a beginner at sea fishing -- learning the ropes -- me and my mate caught a few. Done a write up you can read here
  2. Shore Caistor on sea (great yarmouth)

    East Coast Catch Reports
    Not long now till my yearly week on the shore, hemsby last year but abit further along the coast this year at caistor on sea. Booked a lovely caravan overlooking the beach on elm tree caravan park and cant wait to hit the sand. Last year had whiting, flounder, dogfish and dabs.. Just wondered...
  3. My first time on Chesil Beach

    South Coast & CI Catch Reports
    I wondered should I write this report or not because this happened two months ago but decided to do it anyway. Ordered one pound of blow lugs from Abbotsbury Fishing Tackle on Monday for weekend fishing session. Collected bait around 11 am on Saturday and what surprised me how big, lively and...
  4. Seaford Saturday 23-11-2019

    South Coast & CI Catch Reports
    Hi. Fished Seaford Saturday from 14.00-22.00, rainy weather i was soaking wet but was worth the effort. Caught 2x 3 lb conger eels, 2x dogfish, 1x Whiting. I was also managed to net 20x peeler crabs which didn't peel easy and shrimp on old stinky mackerel. Peeler crabs with squid seemed to be...
  5. Mull of Galloway - dogfish and lost tackle

    Scotland Catch Reports
    I am a bit of a newbie so learning as I go... Went to rocks near West Tarbet at Mull of Galloway late June and was snagged solid on every cast. Lost my tackle every time and I was using 20lb mainline, 50lb shock leader and rotten bottom rig. Caught one dogfish and decided to head over to East...
  6. Ramsgate undercliff

    South East Catch Reports
    Went and met mick (cuffleyhorror) At ramsgate undercliff for a social. To my awe we were fishing from the boot, which is my love haha. Absolutely soaking wet , arrived late, he smashed me 7-0 haha Fished one huge bait one two hook flapper, i started getting lots of bites on the scratching rid...
  7. Curse of the Dogfish North Beach

    East Coast Catch Reports
    Never caught a Dogfish until I reeled one in yesterday and since then it's been non stop Dogfish. LARGE ones as well. Biggest was abound 75/80cm all of which looked slightly perturbed lol :Oo: I managed to catch a few Hounds but for the majority of time I was plagued by Dogfish. I was using...
  8. Shore Hastings Pier MAY 1st Catch report

    South Coast & CI Catch Reports
    Ive just had a good few hours fishing and filming down at Hastings Pier. Its still a bit in the air as no one came to collect payment. Asking around I was told that its £5 a rod with the second for 3 quid. No one was fishing there but members of the public recon they have seen people all through...
  9. Contents of fish stomach looked like peas.

    General Sea Angling Discussion
    I dont kill any fish that I can return but one of todays catch, a little dogfish,didn't make it. So waste not want not and all that. I gutted it and in his stomach looked like several green peas. I sure it wasn't peas though. Anyone had anything similar?
  10. Shore More pins and a few doggies

    South & West Wales Catch Reports
    Down in Pembs for Christmas, so after Christmas Day festivities and Boxing Day recovery I had a couple of sessions in between first light high tide while everybody else was in bed. Went up to Goodwick first morning and fished off the end of the inner breakwater. Bites from the off on small fish...
  11. Shore Angelsey , gallows point and Moelfre

    North Wales Catch Reports
    hi all im new to sea fishing having only really taken a keen interest from early this year. had the chance to get to angelsey for a couple of days fishing this weekend so thought i would start at gallows point for low tide and fish until Malcoms shop opened for me to get some bait other than the...
  12. Whats the big DEAL? 03-02-2018

    South East Catch Reports
    Well we headed down to Deal in Kent last weekend to see who was home. We didn't think much would come out but you have to be in it to win it, so with that in minds off we went at first light. Looking online the conditions seemed perfect to take the boat out for a days fishing off the Kent coast...
  13. British Open Championship. Results

    South East Catch Reports
    Deal November 2017. British Open Shore fishing Championship.
  14. Ramsgate. Pinecones fishing. Crab bait.

    South East Catch Reports
    Ramsgate 2017. Fishing with pinecones. Crab bait.
  15. Shore Great little session at Whitstable

    South East Catch Reports
    Evening all, Just got back from a great session teaching my nephew to fish at Whitstable. We were only there an hour and had fish every cast. Bait was the belly off cuts from the mackerel I caught at Dungeness Thursday, on a Wessex rig cast 40 yards out. Piccies: Dog keeping an eye on us...
  16. Fishing for smoothhound, Dogfish and Conger

    South East Catch Reports
    Hi guys I'm just getting back into fishing, i live in essex and normally fish from canvey island and generally get the odd small bass/ whiting I really want Beach fish for smoothhound dogfish and conger is there anywhere on the kent coast you can get that sort of variety? Or anywhere localish I...
  17. Shore On the hunt for a bass at Dungeness

    South East Catch Reports
    Good Evening all, Inspired by Sinking Mans recent bass catching exploits at Dungie, I thought I'd give it a bloody good crack today. Got there at 07:45, picked up two score of nice fresh blacks and set off to the point to fish two down and two up. Weather was pretty nasty, with heavy rain...
  18. Rough weather

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Kayak Monday this time took us to Loch Etive . Loch Etive is cool , the sceneries are great and there is always a chance to hook something . Sharing the trip with Paul was excellent , We managed to get the 2 kayaks onto the roof and we just had enough space to sleep in the mini van . Paul said...
  19. Turnaware bar help please!

    General Sea Angling Discussion
    Hi everyone going to camp/fish at turnaware bar soon, low tide is 23:30 and 0.8m, has anyone got any tips on how to fish it? Looking for huss, doggies or ray. Is there still deep water in range even though it isn't a spring tide? Only have a couple of days before we go so help urgently needed...
  20. Shore Bream fail, 3 doubles to compensate in the mist.

    South Coast & CI Catch Reports
    It's at this time of year that bream start to show on the south coast and usually a little after they show on the Sussex shores they appear on Dorset's rocky coastline. Steve Harder & I had decided to have our first go at catching some from rough ground this year and jumped at the first break in...