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  1. Tackle & Equipment Discussions
    Hi all, first post so be nice... In the market for a new downtide boat reel and I’m looking at the penn fathoms 25n and the 30. I know the 25n is designed more towards braid (which I’ve not used too much of) or the 30 with mono? I fish the Bristol Channel so with; strong tides rough bottoms and...
  2. Boat Angling / Angling Afloat
    Hi everyone, I've been boat fishing a few times but it has always been drifting over rough ground or wrecks using baited muppets or, jigs, hokis etc. I'm booked on a boat next week and the skipper has said that we will be dowxtiding. I've searched the old google but there does not seem to be a...
1-2 of 2 Results