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east coast scotland

  1. Rough edge

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Each week and every week we follow the weather forecast . The wind strength and direction is what we look out for . Today we fancy our chances . The east coast is calling . The drift is too strong , the drogue is out but never the less the fish will bite . Today is special . 25 species from...
  2. Any suggestions

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Haven't been able to get out much this year due to work :( finally getting out the Moro.. . Any ideas where is worth a visit?? Thinking east coast area, stay near Arbroath but hear that not much happening round my way the now. Just wanna get a couple of fish not greedy lol don't expect any...
  3. Shore plaice and dab fishing, lunanbay to st cyrus bay

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Hi there i was wondering if anyone has had plaice and dab from anywhere between Lunan Bay and St Cyrus bay any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  4. Elephant Rock (how to get down to it)

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Hi everyone i was toying with tryign the elephant rock beside montrose at the weekend. I live localy but have never been down to it. Does anyone have any advice for how to get down to it?
  5. Shore East coast of Scotland conger

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Hi all I'm from Arbroath and there are plenty cod and flatties here but I fancy trying something a bit different. Has anyone had any luck catching conger on the east coast of Scotland? if so where?
  6. Scottish trip

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Hi guys, I'm coming up to the beautiful Scotland for another trip next thursday (12th) and returning home Monday. Plan is to fish oban, favourite place of mine and will be targeting skate from my little sib and hopefully some pollock and LRF fun from the shore. Up to now winds aren't looking...
  7. Shore Arbroath harbour 30/10/16

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Had our first trip to Arbroath this winter with my old man on Sunday. Fished from low tide through to high and a couple of hours into the ebb tide Didn't expect much to happen sea was flat and water slightly coloured weather was good so turned out to be a day feeding the crabs with only a couple...
  8. Shore Stonehaven pier 22-08-2016 a nice selection of fish amongst the mackies.

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Fished Stonehaven pier 09:30 to 21:30, Bait mackie,bluey,squid,ragworm,lugworm. Tide LT=10:57 HT=17:16, Weather calm and misty top start with light winds coming in later. I have been wanting to get back up here for a while wasn't to great last time so wanted to see if i can do better this time...
  9. Shore Anstruther 17-06-2016 Evening sesh with a few fish.

    Scotland Catch Reports
    I was not going to do this video but i was asked if i would make it so i did not a lot of fish caught in this one but you can't catch lots of fish all the time watch HERE Hope you enjoy this one a bit shorter than normal.
  10. Shore Abroath harbour didn't quite blank so near.

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Fished Arbroath harbour cage 3. When 10:15 to 17:00,Tide LT=09:45 HT=15:55,Bait mackie,bluey,frozen lug,squid,Weather light wind,cloudy/sunny,water calm. Decide to head to Arbroath see if i could get a cod or two well it was not going to happen quiet calm sunny not quite the weather for a cod...
  11. Gourdon harbour 19-01-2016 Not great but got a couple of fish.

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Thought i would have a go up the coast a little bit so ended up at Gourdon, not before hitting the burger bar at the car park. Fished 13;30 to 20:00,Tide LT=15:25 ht=21:43, Bait mackie,bluey,squid,sandeel.Weather calm dry chilly,water calm. Set up at the entrance to the harbour fishing one rod...
  12. auchmithie again

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Had a couple of trips to auchmithie since my last post. First was on wedensday i headed up with my dad we got there for low tide at around 9am. Conditions were calm but the water was still coloured. A few hours in my dad got his first east coast coddling (returned unharmed)and new pb ( he got...
  13. first report at last !!!

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Hi all this is my first post i have been on here for a couple of months but had nothing to report. Am new to sea fishing other than spinning for mackies in the summer on the lochs but do lots of fresh water fishing so when the trout/salmon season finished i got a couple of beach rods and reels...
  14. new to sea fishing from Lanarkshire

    Newbie Introduction Forum
    Hi all, my name is Graham other than spinning for mackerel in the summer I'm new to the sea fishing game.not new to fishing I do lots of fresh water fishing but limited to pike and greyling in the winter so I got a couple of beachcasters and a tripod and am now on the hunt for cod!!! Had two...