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  1. Shore Late August east coast return

    East Coast Catch Reports
    I'll be back down on the east coast again on August the 23rd for a weeks fishing at hemsby and caister.. I was supposed to be here the last week in junw for the hounds but had to re book a bit on the mate side due to the virus. I was wondering if the hounds are usually still around this late in...
  2. A codling on Skegness beach

    East Coast Catch Reports
    Fished Skegness beach 16/12/19 early morning high tide. Plenty of decent size whiting, a few dabs (mostly small) and a codling. Real suprise to catch one of these as this was my first trip sea fishing in 4 years. Worth a try getting out there at the moment. I did a short Youtube video on the...
  3. New to the area!

    East Coast Catch Reports
    Hey fellas, some great content on here! ... I’m new to the East Coast having moved to Bury St Edmunds. Any tips on best spots to catch bass and Mackeral off the shore? Also any info on whether to fish those spots low/high tide, high/low, etc would be much appreciated. Great to be on here and...
  4. Scottish trip

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Hi guys, I'm coming up to the beautiful Scotland for another trip next thursday (12th) and returning home Monday. Plan is to fish oban, favourite place of mine and will be targeting skate from my little sib and hopefully some pollock and LRF fun from the shore. Up to now winds aren't looking...
  5. Norfolk Coast Newbie

    East Coast Catch Reports
    What is a reasonable wind speed for successful shore fishing and casting on the Norfolk coast? Is that even a question? I'm about to start shore fishing again after a 30 year break, all previous was in the sheltered Solent, not the North Sea. I have new beach casting kit at the ready, but have...
  6. Boddin/auchmithie 6/11/16

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Headed up to boddin on Sunday to a mark a picked on Google earth only to find you would have to abseil down to it lol so found a more accessible Mark that was sheltered from the wind and swell fished first half of the flood bait was squid mussels mackerel with nothing but weed before the tide...
  7. wee double arbroath harbour!!

    Scotland Catch Reports
    [/ATTACH] Well was gutted i couldnt get out fishing at the weekend when the easterlies were on but managed to get out on wedensday so headed to arbroath harbour with my dad and chaz.when we got there there was a good swell and the sea was well churned up. We were the only ones there so decided...
  8. arbroath harbour

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Went to the harbour to fish the cages on tuesday with my dad and my mate chaz. We thot the conditions would be better but despite the strong winds the sea was flat and didny have that much colour in it but with the wind no due to calm down till night time we decided to fish it any way and see...
  9. boddin/arbroath harbour

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Went out on tuesday decided to give boddin a go as the wind was mental and thot we would get some shelter from the ruins at the end. Got there and set up for high tide around 15:30 and fished till 18:30 by this time the water had dropped to much to fish from the sheltered areas and the sea and...
  10. stuck at elephant rock

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Went out again on wed with my mate chaz and my dad.we were looking for a rock mark and after showing them some marks that were recomended on here they choose elephant rock coz chaz fished there years ago and new a good spot.he told us you can drive down an old farm track and park at the old...
  11. auchmithie again

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Had a couple of trips to auchmithie since my last post. First was on wedensday i headed up with my dad we got there for low tide at around 9am. Conditions were calm but the water was still coloured. A few hours in my dad got his first east coast coddling (returned unharmed)and new pb ( he got...
  12. first report at last !!!

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Hi all this is my first post i have been on here for a couple of months but had nothing to report. Am new to sea fishing other than spinning for mackies in the summer on the lochs but do lots of fresh water fishing so when the trout/salmon season finished i got a couple of beach rods and reels...
  13. new to sea fishing from Lanarkshire

    Newbie Introduction Forum
    Hi all, my name is Graham other than spinning for mackerel in the summer I'm new to the sea fishing game.not new to fishing I do lots of fresh water fishing but limited to pike and greyling in the winter so I got a couple of beachcasters and a tripod and am now on the hunt for cod!!! Had two...
  14. Shore fishing in Mauritius.

    Freshwater & Saltwater Lure Fishing.
    Hi guys, I am just writing this to ask if anyone has any information on lure fishing in Mauritius, from the shore. I am staying this December on the East Coast, in the Ile aux Cerfs Lagoon, and I was wondering if anyone has any information on it ie. what bait, what lures, what fish, etc. So if...
  15. Dunwich

    Shore Angling
    Fished Dunwich today really struggled to find the fish one small dab and a couple of whitting. Plenty of others fishing but not much coming in. This is the first visit and wondered if this is typical? Any advice on tides conditions etc would be welcome.