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  1. South Coast & Channel Islands Catch Reports
    So, my first try at a Species Hunt competition. Lets start with the positives. It got me out fishing (so a winner already) and in conditions I normally wouldn’t go out in so I gained some experience of, for the clean beach areas I fish, rough conditions. Another positive was that I used my...
  2. Beginners and Improvers
    Hi all, Following a post I put on about me setting up, as a hobby, my own FaceBook page about session reports, tips etc I've just added a new post about moving from lone, anti-social, happy to enjoy the quiet beach fisherman to my first step into a sort of competitive chapter in my fishing...
  3. Boat Angling / Angling Afloat
    Hi was wondering if anyone would be so kind to share any Marks off Eastbourne. (Burn hill wreck etc) we have a boat in Eastbourne harbour and are new to boat fishing so any information would be appreciated?
  4. The Bass Lure Forum
    I am new to surf fishing in this country and will be going on Thursday down south coast strip. Anywhere along Eastbourne way? I heard Of Beachy Head but not sure if there is places to fish given the cliffs? Any advice would be appreciated.
  5. South Coast & Channel Islands Catch Reports
    Had another excellent trip to langley point . 10 smoothhounds again, the boy lost a proper lump and so did i !! Not even sure if it was a hound what i had on. Just kept going and going, couldnt stop it. Baits were all frozen peeler on 3/0 pulley pennel rigs. I do like quite a long hooklenth...
  6. South Coast & Channel Islands Catch Reports
    Well I've been meaning to fish Langney point for a while now. Went down on Monday on that glorious day we had. Just the wrapped lug on three hook flappers and loop rigs. Fished from just after low to an hour before high tide. Only 2 plaice but I was happy with those small ones. They didn't seem...
  7. South Coast & Channel Islands Catch Reports
    Quick report from Thursday ! Prior the world dab fishing comp and this recent wind, The dab have arrived, I was looking at some great catches coming in on facebook and was made up to actually get a few fish myself. Im not a regular Beach Angler but these little fish were most welcome. As an...
  8. South Coast & Channel Islands Catch Reports
    This guy is a bit nuts. But Graham and Tony give good tips for flatfish. He was fishing in Eastbourne so thought I'd post it on the south coast forum. Catch report and tips for using lugworm for flat fish. Tight lines
  9. South Coast & Channel Islands Catch Reports
    Fished Eastbourne on the evening high tide last night 8:30 - 00:30. Stuffed squid on a pulley pennel at medium range. No decent bites, bait just got hammered by the whiting. The sea was quite calm tho so hopefully the cod will come in with the blow this weekend. Anyone else out down this way...
1-9 of 9 Results