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  1. Scotland Catch Reports
    We'r the kayakers , we enjoy the great outdoors , we love the fishing and we always look forward to the next adventure . This week take the back seat and enjoy the ride with us . Sit tight : We went east looking for fish . This week weather was north easterly bringing some fish . I thought ...
  2. Scotland Catch Reports
    Out and about , small exercise and plenty fresh air , this time we went exploring the Clyde estuary . And a first . A dragonnette . Those fish are not as common as the haddock , cod and mackerel . Goldsinny wrasse . And another amazing catch . The red bandfish . Those are even harder to...
  3. Kayak Angling Forum
    Loch Lomond is our biggest playground , the loch is so huge we never know where to start from . We like a good paddle . Today's fishing is slow , the water is very clear and the loch is still . We eventually found a little bay . And had to fish hard . We met some happy people ...
1-3 of 3 Results