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  1. South East Catch Reports
    Had a session at sandwich bay at the weekend and put the video on youtube. Please watch it and like and subscribe if you enjoy it.
  2. South & West Wales Catch Reports
    Went out Thursday evening from low water upto high water and and hour down. 3 of us went, 2 bass caught one was 5lb 1oz and mine was tiny lol. A tidy eel of 7lb was also Brough ashore. First time I've ever fished witches and I love it there.
  3. South East Catch Reports
    Couple hours down grays sea wall today today , close in big rag baits resulted in this 2lb bass for Boyzone How does he do it ??!! 3 bootlaces and a lost bass of a similair size for me
  4. General Sea Angling Discussion
    Where is best to go with rag and blacks for the best chances between seaford and shorham ?
  5. South East Catch Reports
    Fished the wall with @thecuffleyhorror Two eels and a little bass, the boy bumped a couple decent fish off A friend had a nice bass next to us also
  6. South East Catch Reports
    Little light hearted session resulted in a small pouting, a few schoolies , 2 eels and 3 sole !! All returned quickly and safely Ians ragworm doing the business as usual
  7. South East Catch Reports
    Enjoyable couple of hours . Getting to grips with reel seat positioning on these new aphex match rods was the aim, the tiny little bass and elver were just a bonus Amazing bite detection , awesome for the money in my opinion Got these from metalite tackle , paired them with some budget rovex...
  8. South East Catch Reports
    Kai has had a sole and an eel on his new IMAX fr match flattie rod I'm blanking on fish baits a guy just had a decent day next to me When is my time haha Looking ok for it though
1-8 of 8 Results