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  1. Boat Owning, Equipment and Maintenance
    Just wondering if anyone has mounted the Downvu transducer for the Striker 4 inside the hull with epoxy or a bath - some of the newer transducers are a but fussy about that. Has anyone any first-hand experience? These Striker 4s are so cheap I'm thinking of mounting one in the cockpit because my...
  2. Boat Owning, Equipment and Maintenance
    Hi Folks, Me again. Excuse my ignorance but I am not the best with these sort of things. I have a Raymarine Dragonfly 5 to install on my boat. I have a 12v battery that connects to the electric start for the engine but does nothing else currently. I know I need a fuse for the fishfinder...
  3. Boat Owning, Equipment and Maintenance
    Hello WSF'ers, Looking for opinions on the pros and cons of combination fishfinders/chartplotters vs separate units. The obvious trade-off is cheaper cost vs the small size of the screen available to display both sets of data on combination units. Anything else to be aware of? Any...
1-3 of 3 Results