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  1. Beginners and Improvers
    Morning all, complete beginner to fishing in general but decided to get into beach/estuary. I’ve had a few ventures out and as fun as it is feeding the fish I’ve had not so much as a bite! I’m sure I’m missing something critical but I can’t see it. I usually fish the Grays Wharf or down by the...
  2. South West Catch Reports
    Hi, I'm heading down to South Devon in mid - late September staying a few miles away from Slapton. I was looking to fish anywhere on the coastline between Salcombe and Dartmouth. I was hoping to do some lure fishing for bass and pollack and was wondering if there was a nice deep rocky bit of...
  3. Flatfish forum.
    Recently learnt that flatfish prey on gobies. I'm now wondering if you could livebait gobies/blennies/small fish etc. for Flounder or Plaice. Has anyone ever tried this or could provide me with further information? Any other unusual baits for flatfish?
  4. General Sea Angling Discussion
    Thought I'd chuck this on here to get some opinions... is this flattie which my mate caught a Flounder or a Plaice? I'm saying Flounder cos of the fins and the shape, other people are saying Plaice due to the spots! It doesn't look like a Plaice to me, but I may be wrong! What do people think?
  5. Shore Angling
    Hi guys, Used to fish saltfleet haven as a kid with my dad for the flattie, although this was in summer I've seen a few things online which suggest that flounder move into estuaries in the colder months? Just wanted to find out the better time of year to target the species in estuaries so I can...
  6. South Coast & Channel Islands Catch Reports
    Obviously these is a lot of Mackerels about but no plaice or flounders. I was fishing for any flat fish yesterday 2hrs before and after the high tide but nothing caught. My both rods set up on 2 hook flappers with black lugworms top up with squid. Not a single bite from flatties only mackerels...
  7. North Wales Catch Reports
    Hey everyone! Moved to the llyn Peninsula in November and the last two weeks have finally gotten round to a bit a fishing! Mostly doggies until I caught this yesterday off the beach about 2.5 hours before high tide, the temperature was a good 22 degrees and there was a decent surf. At the first...
  8. North East Catch Reports
    Hi, I have been fishing a little while and have mainly targeted mackerel, flat fish, small codling and the sorts. I am interested in catching some larger fish like bigger pollack and cod, as well as sea bass hopefully. I have never caught anything above 5 pound or so from the shore so I would...
  9. Scotland Catch Reports
    Hi there I'm wondering if anyone here has much in the way of success with fishing west sands St Andrews or flatties or whatever else swims about there? cheers
  10. South East Catch Reports
    Deal November 2017. British Open Shore fishing Championship.
  11. Float Fishing Forum
    Has anyone had any success float fishing for flounder? I've seen a person doing it before, but from 100 yards away or so and was successfully catching quite a few. Can't find much on the internet apart from one guy using freshwater floats in an estuary. Caught quite a few so the guide shows...
  12. Beginners and Improvers
    Shakespeare Agility 2 Long Surf 15' - 2 - 4oz Right guys.. Looking to buy this rod.. mainly to target flatties and the length to give that flexibility over distance. Has anyone ever used or test one? What is the tip like? I need something that i will see a dabs breathing next to the bait...
  13. Beginners and Improvers
    hi I have been using my carp big pit reels for sea fishing and it has been awsome. but i want to put some braid on it so i can get that extra distance and fish light (target species would be flatties). my question is can i load the reel half way with 12lb mono then the other half with 12lb...
  14. Beginners and Improvers
    I need a new rod badly and would like to get a good quality rod for under £100. I fish over clean ground for flatfish but every now and again I go rock fishing . I'm looking into getting the tf gear banshee twin tip or the Shakespeare agility 15ft surf 2-4oz . Does anyone know anything about...
  15. Shore Angling
    Hi everyone, wondering if i could have some advice on weather it would be worth fishing maenporth beach at night, low up? Thinking lug/rag and sandeel for bait. Thanks in advance!
  16. Whitby, Holderness & The Humber Catch Reports
    Hi, I am very new to sea fishing an decided to give it a go on the south bank of Humber between Grimsby and Immingham. (Previously described as a great flattie mark). The spot is very nice. You can get there by car and it looks like the water gets deep quite close from the shore. We fished from...
1-16 of 16 Results