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  1. Europe
    For many years I have dedicated myself to traveling every summer. Fishing is my passion, and I see in this forum that you also love to fish. In this post I am going to briefly comment on my experience in Floria, as well as how I wrote it on my social networks. Want to go out and fish in...
  2. Rest of the World
    I will be in Florida at Daytona Beach from Apr29 to May8 looking to see if anyone else is around to share a boat for some offshore fishing send me a personal message or reply here i'll check back until i leave Bill
  3. Rest of the World
    Spent Apr 11-28 in the Daytona beach area fresh water and salt water fishing. On our first saturday there. I was able to take in a surf fishing seminar put on at Gordon Rogers memorial State Park by Jeff Rafter and Andy Block . Man they packed a lot of info in a short time, making and setting...
  4. Rest of the World
    When i was fortunate enough to be included in Keven Nallies group that fished out of Cape Coral FL last May we had a 4 bedroom house with in ground pool and 20ft boat with a 200 suzuki on the back.cost was split 5 ways I believe which worked out to 400 British pounds per person per week for the...
  5. New Member Introductions Forum
    Bones sk 01 skinny guy from Saskatchewan Canada hoping I'm the only one. Anyway have been lurking and posting on Rest of World site as it seems to fit as many members come to North America and the chances are better that I may be able to get to some of the places you folks are coming to visit...
  6. Rest of the World
    We are booking to stay in a villa in Cape Coral, Florida next May which is complete with boat. Fishing is off the private dock into the canal, or in the river or out at sea. I'm looking for some advice about the best places to fish, what tackle, lures v bait etc. Thanks
1-6 of 6 Results