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  1. Shore Wormit boating club Fife.

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Fished Wormit boating club slipway.Fished 13:40 to 21:30. Tides LT=15:24 HT=21:51. Bait mackie, bluey, fresh lug and rag. Weather dry wind from east. With a guidance of 5 miles i had thought about going down riverside Dundee but thought it would be buy with anglers,walkers and cyclists, had also...
  2. Loughor Bridge Flounder

    South & West Wales Catch Reports
    Braved the winds yesterday and decided to go to Loughor bridge (Loughor side) and fish the tide coming in. Used blow lug and managed not to blank with a small Flounder that went back! Enjoyed even though the wind made it awkward and uncomfortable and the fishing was slow. Last time I was here I...
  3. Shore Fishing riverside Dundee

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Fished Riverside Dundee,15:50 to 20:00, LT=18:17 1.7 HT=00:41, 5.0. Bait mackie, bluey, black lug, squid, Water plenty waves,dirty,Weather wind from s/w, some cloud,dry. Well decided i had to get out not been out this year yet so headed doon the river. Talk about a slow shift it took about...
  4. Flounder or Plaice?

    General Sea Angling Discussion
    Thought I'd chuck this on here to get some opinions... is this flattie which my mate caught a Flounder or a Plaice? I'm saying Flounder cos of the fins and the shape, other people are saying Plaice due to the spots! It doesn't look like a Plaice to me, but I may be wrong! What do people think?
  5. Advice Any Winter species about in Cornwall?

    South West Catch Reports
    Hi was just wondering if any one could point me in the rough direction of some winter species....looking for a few fish rather than a big fish just to get the rods out.... Any advice would be appreciated
  6. Shore North Berwick Harbour

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Finally managed to get out for the first time this winter. Headed to the harbour on Tuesday as it's easy to fish. Fished 2 hours up and down. It was cold and the batteries in my headlight died after 5 mins. Typical. Had a couple of small bass on rag / bluey combo. Codling on lug / squid and...
  7. Advice Weston Shore

    South Coast & CI Catch Reports
    Hi all, New to sea fishing. Fished the lakes for carp and pike as a kid and now with the mrs old man and brother got back into fishing the shores and bang into it. So much so, the mrs brother has started a FB group amongst mates and we now do monthly friendly matches across some marks around...
  8. Flounder. Help.

    Shore Angling
    Hi guys, Used to fish saltfleet haven as a kid with my dad for the flattie, although this was in summer I've seen a few things online which suggest that flounder move into estuaries in the colder months? Just wanted to find out the better time of year to target the species in estuaries so I can...
  9. Where all plaice have gone ?

    South Coast & CI Catch Reports
    Obviously these is a lot of Mackerels about but no plaice or flounders. I was fishing for any flat fish yesterday 2hrs before and after the high tide but nothing caught. My both rods set up on 2 hook flappers with black lugworms top up with squid. Not a single bite from flatties only mackerels...
  10. Lack of sole comp at grays sea wall

    South East Catch Reports
    Sole were a no show , won biggest fish with a 33cm flattie but sadly all i had, bumped a fish off and missed a lovely bite Pool split 3 ways as 2 others caught 18cm flounder and an eel each for combined 43 cm for each
  11. Grays wharf

    South East Catch Reports
    Cheeky little hour on small hooks small baits ,resulted in a clapper of an hour for my boy Hes 6. And knows a faiiiir bit about fishing, sea, coarse , fly. Crazy So we get down there, i said to him pick your rig mate, after analysing the couple of boom rigs, he said he wanted the two hook...
  12. Catch report from Seaford

    South Coast & CI Catch Reports
    Please report your catch from Seaford today (Saturday 23/02/2019)
  13. Hastings catch report 7th March

    South East Catch Reports
    Heres my video Catch report from 7th March - Hastings, East sussex Nice to get out , not the best of days just a whitting and flounder but better times ahead.filmed my self casting too and its clear a lot of improvement was needed.
  14. Shore Hastings Pier Catch report-Plaice, Dab, flounder and whiting

    South East Catch Reports
    Theres some good Plaice and dab showing on Hastings Pier alongside the Whiting. Went down yesterday and filmed some of the action speaking to the guys who fish it a lot .i was surprised that it wasn't just Whiting Bashing. An Biggish ebb tide, did the trick with size 4 hooks making a...
  15. Flounder float fishing

    Float Fishing Forum
    Has anyone had any success float fishing for flounder? I've seen a person doing it before, but from 100 yards away or so and was successfully catching quite a few. Can't find much on the internet apart from one guy using freshwater floats in an estuary. Caught quite a few so the guide shows...
  16. Shore Knab Rock 05/11/2017

    South & West Wales Catch Reports
    It seems to be a constant cycle of poor weather on the weekends at the moment; I'd planned to do a local trip Saturday - but lunchtime Friday, after picking up bait I found my bathroom was leaking into the garage; I cancelled the Saturday trip in case things couldn't be resolved quickly...
  17. Floundering about...

    LRF....*Light Rock Fishing*
    Hi LRF'ers...just got myself some LRF gear and at moment trying to target local flatties. However a few question(s). In anything but very clear conditions and clean sand I keep getting weed caught up whilst using power isome medium worms, on size 10 hooks and 4 - 7 g jigheads. I do a slow...
  18. East Sussex Casters - Brighton Plaice Fishing

    South Coast & CI Catch Reports
    Please check out our new video we have posted. This is from a session we had a few weeks ago at Brighton, catching numerous flatfish. We will be posting some more shortly, so remember to like and subscribe. thanks!!
  19. Shore Riverside Discovery 03-06-2016 A few flounder but good to be out in the sun.

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Fished riverside Fished 06:15 to 15:30,Tide LT=07:57 HT=14:10, Bait mackie,bluey,lugworm,ragworm, Weather calm sunny wind did pick up for a bit later but died down again. Water calm. The fishing like yesterday was very slow to start with well non existent actually and had worries about my bait...
  20. Shore Totally Awesome Fishing

    South Coast & CI Catch Reports
    This guy is a bit nuts. But Graham and Tony give good tips for flatfish. He was fishing in Eastbourne so thought I'd post it on the south coast forum. Catch report and tips for using lugworm for flat fish. Tight lines