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  1. Cooking your catch
    To us fishing is a sport , we love to get out and explore , from time to time we keep some of our catch with respect . We live in Scotland and kayak fish .. We go in groups and play safe . Usually the fishing is good . Fish is kept in cool box and then left overnight in the fridge ...
  2. Cooking your catch
    Glad the mackerel have arrived , they are fun to catch , I love them fresh and keep the rest as bait . Anyway we went for a paddle in the Clyde estuary not far from Glasgow . Not many but good enough and so fresh . Filleted two , rich just like steak . Made a mango salsa , with red...
  3. Cooking your catch
    Kayak fishing is our main hobby . We enjoy it as a sport , relaxation and meeting with good people . Most fish are release but from time to time some are kept . This is winter fishing and after a good paddle I always look forward to a good fresh meal . They don't always stick to the hook ...
  4. Cooking your catch
    With it being BBQ Season what are you catching, cooking , seasoning your catch with ? I have always been a sea bass with Rosemary and Lemon in a cooked in loose kitchen foil kinda guy.
  5. Cooking your catch
    To enjoy fresh food a few simple step must be taken . Fish must be gutted prior to storage . All fish must be stored in a cool box prior to travelling home . Filleting fish is a delicate process and a sharp filleting knife is the best tool for the job . My batter is simple , I use self raising...
1-5 of 5 Results