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  1. Europe
    Dear WSF it’s not very often I come on here ask some questions and get a 10/10 response. I asked the other day about fishing in Rennes so I got there got a liscence and fished the river villaine one morningin search for anything. I fished my trust HTO rockfish 19 3-12g rod with a 1000 reel...
  2. Europe
    Good morning all. Im on a small 3/4 day trip this weekend to Rennes. What can i fish for in this area, Fresh or any salt esturies ( id ont think there is) Id pref want to fish with lures, but if not anything will do. Please advise. Regards Sam Sam Daniel JT IOT Support Coordinator...
  3. Europe
    Looking for some advice. I am going to port grimaud near st Tropez in the south of France in a few months. Anyone fished here before that can give some advice in locations, methods, etc? Also, anyone aware of any boat fishing trips from this area?
  4. Europe
    I am currently staying in Saint Jacut De La Mer. Have been trying various techniques but have been unable to get any fish. I have seen small mullet in the shallows and there are supposedly bass aswell. The tides round here can go out for a couple of miles in places and is very fast so you can...
1-4 of 4 Results