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    Hi all, I'm keen to get fishing for mackerel and sea bass in and around Bangor, North Wales but im mostly used to boat and rock fishing using jigs, poppers and plugs in the tropics (I’ve also posted this in north wales catch thread for mark tips). Is there a suitable rod/reel combo that would...
    Hi folks ive seen some bass catches up my way and i want to try using plugs for them but dont know where to start...could someone give me some pointers on what and what not to buy to start me out? cheers
  3. Newbie Introduction Forum
    Hi friends, New to WSF and keen on trying out some pier-fishing off kent coast preferably ( I live near Dartford btw). Used to do pier fishing of Scotland west coast but new to the fishing scene down south. Any suggestions for best pier fishing spots this time of year and also some advice on...