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  1. East Coast Catch Reports
    Got a bust ankle at the moment so I was looking for an easy to access venue. Me and a pal thought we would give the pier a try, nice easy limp to the pier from the car park. I had reserved some bait at the super helpful Gorleston Tackle who advised the pier fishes best 2 hours either side of...
  2. East Coast Catch Reports
    Anyone got any pics of big cod caught off the Gorleston Pier in the 70"s so that I can show someone please? If you would upload them or provide a link would be appreciated, thanks in anticipation.
  3. East Coast Catch Reports
    Hi - Decided to get back in to beachcasting this autumn/winter after 35 year gap. Used to fish Gorleston beach but it looks very different now, is it still ok? Live near Norwich (Brundall), any thoughts on a good place to start appreciated. Thanks, Mark
  4. East Coast Catch Reports
    Hi everyone, If I were to try jigging for wrasse (or bass) from Gorleston pier would I be wasting my time? If not how should I go about it, e.g with a Texas style rig, drop shotting or using some other method? With the weather fine, warm and settled as it is I thought it might be worth a go...
  5. East Coast Catch Reports
    Arrived down the river opposite the lighthouse at 11:30am with the boy. Sadly Gorleston tackle was out of fresh lug so settled for some frozen blacks and some mackerel out of the freezer. The river was completely flat calm hardly any movement at all and no weed. No fish to report except multiple...
  6. East Coast Catch Reports
    Hello, I've got a couple of spare hours tomorrow and was wondering if there's much happening off Gorleston pier at the moment? Is it worth chucking a rod in the car? Cheers
1-6 of 6 Results