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    Hi Folks, bit of a newbie, have a decent bout to get out to sea but have more luck catching FLU than Pollock, can anyone advices on any decent marks where i can use either lure or bait to catch pollock etc. Also which is best lure or bait, and does the tide matter. Ta Guys, Mark
  2. Boating Classifieds
    Just a toe in the water to see if anyone has a unit tucked away in a cupboard or is upgrading. It would seem that my electronics on the new boat may be a bit ropey.. If anyone has a plotter and or fishfinder with skimmer transducer I may be interested.
  3. Europe
    Friend came to me with his new lowrance - cost about 800 quidd - most impressive but it said it came with detailed maps - didnt - some kind of sales gimmick, you have to pay extra for the detailed maps - the kind you use for fishing. Ok so another £200 paid for the right card as the uploader...