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  1. East Coast Catch Reports
    Despite having enjoyed some success lure fishing for bass in the river Yare at Great Yarmouth between Asda on one side and Cobholm on the other am I now wasting my time fishing there? The reasons I ask are:- I haven't caught any fish on the last 3 occasions I've been there; I haven't seen...
  2. East Coast Catch Reports
    Had a brief session last night at scroby sands as it was a nice day for the beach. The easterly wind made casting difficult so i switched to smaller baits to reduce drag, had a few whiting but they were tiny, in fact one was the same size as the bait. However in such conditions with the line...
  3. East Coast Catch Reports
    Not long now till my yearly week on the shore, hemsby last year but abit further along the coast this year at caistor on sea. Booked a lovely caravan overlooking the beach on elm tree caravan park and cant wait to hit the sand. Last year had whiting, flounder, dogfish and dabs.. Just wondered...
  4. East Coast Catch Reports
    Finally after many months of persevering I caught my first thornback Ray using a loop rig with size 2 hooks with Bluey as bait. Wasn't huge maybe a couple of pounds but a welcomed sight nonetheless. Also had some very small smoothhounds and plenty of whiting. No weed which was good:)
  5. East Coast Catch Reports
    Never caught a Dogfish until I reeled one in yesterday and since then it's been non stop Dogfish. LARGE ones as well. Biggest was abound 75/80cm all of which looked slightly perturbed lol :Oo: I managed to catch a few Hounds but for the majority of time I was plagued by Dogfish. I was using...
  6. East Coast Catch Reports
    Rigs used: A short loop rig with size 2 hooks A 2up flapper rig size 4 hooks with Bonebass gums for attraction. Time: Fished from the low tide 6:30am up to high tide around 8:15am Fish Caught: 4 Smooth Hounds 1 Dogfish 6 whiting (all sizable) 3 Dabs Bait Used: Unwashed squid...
  7. East Coast Catch Reports
    I'm thinking about fishing North Beach Great Yarmouth sometime next week, I was wondering if there's much being caught at the moment? I'm aware the last few week in Great Yarmouth have been very poor! Thanks M::
  8. East Coast Catch Reports
    Hi guys im very new to sea fishing and going on holiday to hemsby a week on saturday. Just wondered if the beach here is worth a go as ive heard its full of weed at the moment and a little shallow. Has anyone tried it lately? Any help or advice will be really appreciated. Thankyou
  9. East Coast Catch Reports
    Hello everyone, just wondering if anyone is fishing the Great Yarmouth area is it worth to take a rod for this bank holiday weekend ? any info would be appreciated, thanks
  10. East Coast Catch Reports
    Hi, Sorry a little bit late. Fished Yarmouth south beach on Saturday night. Arrived around 6ish and used lug,squid and mackeral. Fish from the off which continued all night with either double whiting or dab on just about every cast. We kept increasing hook and bait sizes throughout the night to...
1-10 of 10 Results