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gt ice cream

  1. LRF....*Light Rock Fishing*
    Arranged to meet with a friend from Italy who is here on a business trip. We met up at 05:00 and headed down to the reefs. It was already quite light by the time we started fishing. There were some others already there and one of them was reeling in a nice sized blue runner. We continued along...
  2. Freshwater & Saltwater Lure Fishing.
    This morning I decided to do some testing. The rod was Yamaga Blanks Early Plus 7-32g, with a Shimano 16 Nasci C3000HG loaded with G-soul Upgrade x8 PE 1.5. I was especially interested in how the rod would handle the 28g GT Ice Cream Needle Nose. With a drop of about 1.5m and feeling the weight...