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  1. Step by step instructional video on the basics of bream fishing with bait

    Beginners and Improvers
    I’m just sharing a step by step instructional video I created on the basics of bream fishing. Video can be seen here I think many will find this helpful. In this instance, we are using live scrub worms to catch bream. We guide you through tackle and gear selection, rig setup, bait presentation...
  2. Any new info on Cuba after Hurricane Irma

    Saltwater Fly Fishing Forum
    Scheduled to go to Cayo Guillermo in April, 2018. Has anyone fished that area after Hurricane Irma, any new and recent reports? Also I have been trying to get ahold of fishing guide Orlando Gonzalez but he’s not answering his email or text messages on his phone. Has anyone talked to him or had...