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  1. Gourock to kilcreggan

    Scotland Catch Reports
    In this week adventure we decided to sample the Clyde . The weather did turn out this time , calmer but still cold . We started from Gourock and headed across to Kilcreggan . Now that's a paddle . At very low tide fishing was not great to start with . Quite an adventure : We stopped for a...
  2. Chesil Help Please

    General Sea Angling Discussion
    Hi everyone, I'm keen on giving Chesil a crack (my first time) at some point in the coming months, probably in August or September. I want to target Rays, Gurnards, Hounds and Flatties (less interested in the Flatties), but I have no idea where to start.o_O Could anyone recommend to me which end...
  3. Shore Chesil Beach Fishing - A Mixed Bag (July 17) - VIDEO

    South Coast & CI Catch Reports
    Morning guys, Here's a vid of Rob @pair of danglers fishing on Chesil beach a couple of nights ago, the target for him was plaice/sole and to see what else may be tempted by a fish bait. The vid is 8mins... The bike I borrowed to get down to the beach felt like it was part of me after 10...
  4. Shore Southbourne again

    South Coast & CI Catch Reports
    I had yet another session down in front of the bistro this evening, luckily there was a section where no match anglers had set up so we managed to fit in with adequate space each side. The weed was god aweful, on the first cast I accidentally let the line drop into the surf and it took me 15...
  5. Boat Oystercat 26-27/11/2016

    South & West Wales Catch Reports
    26th I'd kept this weekend clear as it was the weekend of the Cardiff bay yacht club cod comp, often there is lots to do the day before and I often fish the day before the comp if I can, which was the plan this year; unfortunately there was a trip booked aboard the Oystercat that another skipper...
  6. Boat Oystercat 05-13/11/2016

    South & West Wales Catch Reports
    Saturday 05th The day started early, getting to the boat around 6:30am. After doing the checks and getting everything ready we left the marina at 7:30am.We started the day having a drift around looking for mackerel, we only found one. As the north-westerly wind was fairly strong and forecast...
  7. Boat Oystercat 23/04/2016

    South & West Wales Catch Reports
    We often joke when one of my 'big fish' (conger, spurs, tope etc) or long range trips ends up only being 3-4 of us that if I put it down as a dab trip then the boat would fill its self - unfortunately my ego to took a bit of a hit on Saturday as I proposed a flatty trip down to Oxwich, but could...
  8. Boat Oystercat 03/10/2015

    South & West Wales Catch Reports
    We're almost on borrowed time for summer species; watching lures drop through the clear water will soon be swapped out for banging big smelly baits out from the boat into the racing chocolate coloured water searching for a cod. With that in mind, the tides were falling in size but the weather...
  9. Boat Oystercat Recap: 30-31/08/2015 & 19-20/09/2015

    South & West Wales Catch Reports
    I've not been able to write a report for a couple of weeks - thats not to say I haven't been fishing - Sorry about it being such a long report and lacking pictures. 30-31/08/2015 Saw a couple of bass trips 30th Did a massive loop of the gower, found only a couple of fish for the day. Ended the...