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help info wanted

  1. Bass Lure Fishing Forum
    Hi all, Looking at getting myself a spinning rod in the next couple of weeks, I have a budget of roughly £50. The rod I lure fish with at the moment is one I picked up for a fiver (cw 80-150g) so not ideal! I'm looking for a 9' rod with a cw between 15/20-60g. I have looked at the Abu Garcia...
  2. Bass Lure Fishing Forum
    FIRST POST HERE - Hi folks! :) • Firstly, (intro/side notes) I've recently moved to Paignton, Devon from Scotland - about 1.5+hr drive from the sea, so I tried fisheries and rivers - but after starting Sea Fishing (floats) 10-14 years ago, while down in Cornwall (2-4 times a year for 1-3weeks a...
  3. Newbie Introduction Forum
    Hi, Just starting out with sea fishing. Looking for some marks and beaches in and around St austell bay, baits and rigs advice. Looking to catch lots of different species. Any pointers or help would be appreciated. Fished Crinnis twice and had an eel and a dogfish plus some mackerel last...
  4. North Wales Catch Reports
    Are the maceral showing yet as want to take granddaughter fishing but for her to have a chance of catching