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help please

  1. Edinburgh/Lothian's based boaters.

    Boat Angling / Angling Afloat
    Hi folks, posting on here in the hope that someone will be able/willing to help me. Do any have your own boat and would be willing to have me occasionally tag along, I have all my own gear, but am really interested in using ultralight gear (LRF) just for the challenge.! I'm more than happy to...
  2. Afloat on the Forth.

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Hi folks, firstly I acknowledge that this could appear a bit forward, but I'm going by the old adages "shy bairns get no sweets". Do any of you fine people in the Lothian's have your own boats.? I would really like to get out on a boat with my LRF gear for a bit of ultralight fun. I'm happy to...
  3. Help please

    South & West Wales Catch Reports
    I've fished here and there in areas around llanelli so bury port, loughor llanelli beach etc. But my local knowledge is not good :-S so my question is 1. Bury port, where is north channel? 2. Any deep water shore marks near to llanelli to fish for mackerel? Any help would be greatly...