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  1. South East Catch Reports
    Anyone fished herne bay .as takeing my son tomorrow.and fishing of hampton peir.what bait to use and rig would help
  2. South East Catch Reports
    Technically I have caught bass before, but all via SWFF near Herne Bay and all undersized. But being a decent home cook (WSF took up my idea of having a ‘Cooking your catch‘ forum some years ago) - I've been trying for a dinner-sized fish for years and following years of blanking followed by...
  3. South East Catch Reports
    I’m working by the kings hall in hernebay for a few months, and will be Fishing occasionally after work, just wondered where a good place to start would be or are there any specific marks any help is appreciated
  4. Saltwater Fly Fishing
    Looking out over the sea this morning when parking for the dog walk, it had 'likely bass or mullet catch' written all over its glass-like surface, so out came the fly rod and swff waistcoat from under the Beetle’s bonnet and off we went. Did the usual top-of-the-cliff outward-bound bit which...
  5. South East Catch Reports
    Good afternoon everybody, I am looking to go and do some fishing on Tuesday with my brother and am looking to fish either Herne bay or Ramsgate, however I haven't got the best cast so preferably I would need to be able to be on a jetty or a pier with access to a little deeper water, I like the...
  6. Saltwater Fly Fishing
    Popped out for a lunchtime saltwater session over low water yesterday, water was 19c so left the waders at home and went in swimshorts etc - a lot easier to get ready and cooler too. Used a sandeel-style fly and caught a few of these schoolies at waist depth.
  7. South East Catch Reports
    First post on this forum so thought I'd make it an interesting one... First smooth-hound of the year? It may be the smallest one I've ever seen but i'm not complaining at all. Was caught 4 miles off of Herne Bay this afternoon. If anyone else has caught one please let me know!
1-7 of 7 Results