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  1. North Wales Catch Reports
    Hi guys. Does anyone know any useful info on this mark? Always known about it being local to the area, and always heard a lot of good things about how it can produce on its day. Only thing is, I'm not sure where exactly it is or how to get there. I fish the flagpole often and also the...
  2. North Wales Catch Reports
    First time out in what seems like an age due to work, family and more so the weather/ tides. After some discussions on where to fish, it was decided we once again try Cymyran. After blanking there back in July, we had since been told we had fished the wrong place and some said it was fished...
  3. North Wales Catch Reports
    Im stopping in a cottage on Holyhead mountain in august can anyone give me a few pointers i know a few venues like the breakwater and many round trearddur bay and roscolyn but wondered if there was any around holyhead mountain itself that i could walk to. this is also a bug question for me is...
1-3 of 3 Results