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  1. Shore Late August east coast return

    East Coast Catch Reports
    I'll be back down on the east coast again on August the 23rd for a weeks fishing at hemsby and caister.. I was supposed to be here the last week in junw for the hounds but had to re book a bit on the mate side due to the virus. I was wondering if the hounds are usually still around this late in...
  2. Recent Local Sessions

    South & West Wales Catch Reports
    Been fishing from Barry to Morfa over the past 2 weeks. Been fishing really well, with the rays coming out at Fontygary, just need a thornback now to complete the welsh ray slam. Smoothounds from Barry, Llantwit and Morfa. Been lush being back out during this uncertain time. Baits used, Squid...
  3. Catch up of my years angling.

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Not posted a report in a long time. So heres a report of my trips so far this year..... I have had many trips sw this year and had some nice rays bass hounds huss and tope as well as dogs etc...biggest ray at 9lb 14oz hounds at the 8lb + range with some bass at the 5lb + mark and huss around 6lb...
  4. Boat Oystercat 28-29/05 & 03-04/06/2017

    South & West Wales Catch Reports
    28th: Tide was pretty large so hindered where we'd be able to fish comfortably; plan was to get mackerel, drift for plaice then have an hour or 2 on the tope over slack; Unfortunately, mackerel didn't play ball - after 3 hrs drifting around (Mid Oxwich bay, Oxwich head, cables, 3mile inner...
  5. Boat Oystercat 10-11/05/2016

    South & West Wales Catch Reports
    Saturday & Sunday saw me fishing in Jersey; I needed to book the Friday and Monday off as I'd be travelling so I took the an extra couple of days either side; as I thought if the weather was good I could either stay in Jersey an extra couple of days or fish back home. I didn't really fancy/...