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  1. Catch up of my years angling.

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Not posted a report in a long time. So heres a report of my trips so far this year..... I have had many trips sw this year and had some nice rays bass hounds huss and tope as well as dogs etc...biggest ray at 9lb 14oz hounds at the 8lb + range with some bass at the 5lb + mark and huss around 6lb...
  2. Imax FR Match Extreme

    Tackle & Equipment Discussions
    Hi all, I'm looking for opinions on the above rod. I am wondering how it compares to the Leeda Icon Ultra Power or RT Axe. I would be using the rod over rough ground with a SL30SH in the low reel position, using large baits and 5/6oz leads to target large Huss and Congers- is the Imax suitable...
  3. Boat Oystercat 15/10/2017

    South & West Wales Catch Reports
    The forecast was for a small lull between 2 periods of strong wind, as the forecast was for Southerly winds and it fell on a small tide we opted to head over the other side of the channel to make the most of the shelter the land would offer. We left on the first lock, arriving at the wreck we...
  4. Getting the rods out during true day

    Bait Discussion
    Usually I tend to pick the night time to fish off the beach but tomorrow I'm gonna give it a go in the day early morning through till afternoon , got the usual lug and a few other fish baits , any tips anyone could chuck my way regarding bait/distances for tomorrow ? Cheers
  5. Turnaware bar help please!

    General Sea Angling Discussion
    Hi everyone going to camp/fish at turnaware bar soon, low tide is 23:30 and 0.8m, has anyone got any tips on how to fish it? Looking for huss, doggies or ray. Is there still deep water in range even though it isn't a spring tide? Only have a couple of days before we go so help urgently needed...
  6. Boat Oystercat 10-11/05/2016

    South & West Wales Catch Reports
    Saturday & Sunday saw me fishing in Jersey; I needed to book the Friday and Monday off as I'd be travelling so I took the an extra couple of days either side; as I thought if the weather was good I could either stay in Jersey an extra couple of days or fish back home. I didn't really fancy/...
  7. PB Huss

    South West Catch Reports
    Went to a deep water mark on the fal today couple hours either side of low water. baits were eel and mackrel First cast saw a doggie , second a whiting, third a doggie , fourth a small Huss , then a couple more whiting and on my last cast I finally found what I set out for , a big Huss one...
  8. Boat Oystercat 18/10/2015

    South & West Wales Catch Reports
    Dropping tides and variable forecasts didn't make it easy to formulate a plan for the weekend. As the tides were dropping I didn't really fancy a trip chasing bass, even though there are plenty about the times of the tide would have meant the day would be a little broken up. I'd been ask...
  9. Boat Oystercat 26-27/09/2015

    South & West Wales Catch Reports
    Saturday - 26th Evenings and bad weather starting to draw in as we move closer and closer to winter, we decided to make the most of the reasonable forecast and head down to Lundy - probably for the last time this year. We got the first lock and made our way down to the island; stopping for bait...
  10. Boat Oystercat Recap: 30-31/08/2015 & 19-20/09/2015

    South & West Wales Catch Reports
    I've not been able to write a report for a couple of weeks - thats not to say I haven't been fishing - Sorry about it being such a long report and lacking pictures. 30-31/08/2015 Saw a couple of bass trips 30th Did a massive loop of the gower, found only a couple of fish for the day. Ended the...