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  1. South East Catch Reports
    Hi all, Managed to order some live kind rag and frozen sand eel and mackerel. Looking to do a night session on Monday or Tuesday. I have fished Reculver bay two months ago and found it extremely weedy. I believe it is still weedy and not easy to fish. Having said that I still managed to land a...
  2. South East Catch Reports
    Hiya, thinking about heading down to princes parade later on tonight to fish 1 up and 3 down. anyone got any news on what’s being caught at the moment? I went down a couple of weeks ago and got half a dozen whiting and a few doggies. cheers
  3. South East Catch Reports
    Has anyone fished Hythe this week? Planning a trip Saturday after the big blow, wondering what if anything (other than the obvious Whiting) people have been catching. With the temperature still mild, I was wondering whether there will still be any Bass, Bream or Plaice about?
  4. General Sea Angling Discussion
    No I've not been on the baked beans! I'm planning on fishing Hythe this Sunday, and there are predicted 18-20mph offshore winds. Is this too strong, I know It'll help casting distance with that direction, but will it effect the fishing? Probably a stupid question, I'm a newbie at this!
  5. South East Catch Reports
    Evening all, Just got back from fishing princes parade. Absolutely glorious sunshine and not a 'ting in site :D Really quiet on the flood, then we started getting a few knocks on the ebb which resulted in a beaut of a Plaice for my father in law. Pushing 40cm and I would guess 1.5lbs...
  6. South East Catch Reports
    Morning all, Just a quick report after a short two up, two down at Hythe yesterday. I set up opposite the golf course and was a bit peeved to feel a sharp on / cross shore wind and choppy sea. However, the water was relatively clear so with high hopes I whacked out some fresh dungie blacks...
  7. South East Catch Reports
    Afternoon all, Just got back from Hythe after a session hunting for spotted flatties. Rocked up at 07:10 and was greeted by glorious sunshine burning off the early morning fog. The water was nice and clear despite the slight onshore breeze. Baitwise I had fresh commons, frozen blacks and...
  8. South East Catch Reports
    Dabtastic session at Hythe. Lots of small dabs and whiting.
1-8 of 8 Results