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  1. South West Catch Reports
    Hi, I'm heading down to Ilfracombe today for a week. I've brought my lure rod with me fishing texas rig weedless style and I'm planning to have a go for some Wrasse, Bass and Pollack. I'm wondering whether there are any good marks on the coast between Ilfracombe and Woolacombe and which...
  2. South West Catch Reports
    Blanked again. Decided to go to putsborough and fish the low tide from about half 3. Not even a nibble. Is it something I’m doing with wrong. Gonna try crow point tomorrow I think but if there’s anyone out fishing In the surrounding areas and don’t mind me tagging along for the night then let me...
  3. South West Catch Reports
    Hi all. I’m currently staying in braunton for a few days With my sister and was looking at some bass fishing( bait and lure). I tried croyde beach last night with no look whatsoever. I’m not looking for anyones secret marks, just some advice on locations or if anyone is out over next few days...
  4. South West Catch Reports
    Hi, We are staying near Ilfracombe this week and hope to get in some fishing. The times we were hoping to go out seem to all be at low tide. So was wondering whether there were any good low tide marks in the area and any tips would be appreciated, Thanks
  5. South West Catch Reports
    Hi I'm going to Ilfracombe in a couple of weeks time and was wondering what people were catching around these areas at the moment. Any advice and tips would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. Light Rock Fishing / Light Game Forum
    First apology is that it's late due to being in France last week and secondly 'cus it's a bit of a mix of LRF, light game and bait fishing. Anyway, had a lads' weekend down in North Devon (thankfully before Storm Brian). They are meant to be surfing weekends, but as we all get older, it seems...
  7. South West Catch Reports
    Hey all, I'll be down in north devon for a few weeks soon and besides fishing ilfracombe pier before, haven't really ventured out in the area. Could anyone recommend some good places to fish in the area and any advice/tips to go along with it would be appreciated. Cheers
  8. South West Catch Reports
    Im heading to Ilfracombe tomorrow on very short notice and I'm obviously taking the rods. I didn't realise it was such a rocky area and I have no idea of any marks other than the pier. I will have the beach casters looking to fish big baits out there for the very off chance there may be a cod...
1-8 of 8 Results