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  1. General Lure Fishing
    Evening all. Its been squid fishing mayhem here in the Channel Islands but it’s starting to slow off. I’ve had one of the best seasons of my life but I’ve also lost some of my beloved jigs that have killed over the years. one being the chameleon. Does anyone know who makes these rubber lures...
  2. The Bass Lure Forum
    Morning team. Unsure about anyone else but this years season has taken a slight setback. It’s slower and the fish really have not arrived. Looking back a year from now we were landing 10 plus fish a session. Back to back. Now. 1 or 2. Is this the same For everyone? We headed out last night and...
  3. South Coast & Channel Islands Catch Reports
    Morning guys. little update from Channel Islands plenty of smaller bass about but not any sandeels still. It’s hard to imagine where they are but it’s slowly picking up. here is the latest trip on video. enjoy FC
  4. The Bass Lure Forum
    Hey team. Recently been getting out in the yak on the SE coast of jersey. Finding it a Tad difficult at the moment but trying to work out what the bass like etc in different areas. favouring the komoko and Saduke at times when trolling but mostly soft plastics like skerrie etc anyone have...
  5. Bass Lure Useful Information
    Morning team. we have had a amazing January in jersey in the bassles. here is our latest video catching multiple bass etc. Enjoying some of the better days over winter. enjoy fishy custard
  6. General Sea Angling Discussion
    I only ever caught one keeper anyway over many years. Hope the ban does some good.
1-6 of 6 Results