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  1. Kayak Angling Forum
    Good going : Good scenery . Good fishing . From Scotland . enjoy .
  2. Kayak Angling Forum
    Perfect weather this time , drifting those Westin shads . We paddled a lot and nailed a few : Size of that ..
  3. Scotland Catch Reports
    I enjoy fishing light , working those little lures just above the kelp bed . From time to time I can feel a fish nudging the lure , anticipating a good take . Once the fish is on I set the drag accordingly , the rod won't break ! I enjoy catch and release and most fish go back and sound keeping...
  4. Scotland Catch Reports
    We got up nice and early : This week we went down to Ardwell looking for some bites . With the sun rising we where ready to go . A long trek down the beach . Not even 10 minutes away Glen was playing a bass , released it so quickly I did not even managed a picture . We paddle out in the...
  5. Scotland Catch Reports
    Back to the sea lochs on our kayaks , the sea lochs are interesting places to venture out in the winter since they have some shelter . Finding a new spot is fairly easy , must have water , sceneries and some space on the road to park and launch . Today's location is remote , the weather is...
1-5 of 5 Results