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  1. Xl mack

    Scotland Catch Reports
    In every adventure we have a plan , two days prior to launch we finalise our route and check on the weather . We went west this time trying near Oban . It was a drizzly morning to start with . The wind was moderate at that time , low tide and fast drift made it impossible to lure fish for...
  2. Bass Rock Kayak fishing Adventure

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Middle of May now and with this weather warming up I decided it was the time to head back to Bass Rock . The Bass is situated near North Berwick on the East coast of Scotland , a volcanic rock sitting 2 km out at sea , home to a huge colony of gannets . I invited a few kayaks addict for this...
  3. Season ending 2015 , Loch Etive wild adventure .

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Kayak fishing this year in Scotland has been remarkable . Kayak monday is becoming more popular and many friends have joined the weekly adventure . To celebrate the end of this year 2015 and the very last trip we took the high road and focussed on Loch Etive . The weather once again played a...
  4. Loch Etive extreme kayakers

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Ten days to Christmas with one thing in mind , heading to wilderness Scotland for some extreme kayak fishing . It’s Monday , usual ritual and looking at the scene , it is going to be unpleasant .We got to our winter spot , Loch Etive situated in the highlands . Nick and I arrived late at night...