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  1. South East Catch Reports
    Got down to the Point yesterday and decided to fish 3 hours each side of the low tide. A gentle SW wind got my hopes up for an elusive cod. Having had a couple of sessions there already this year, I decided to use pulley Pennel rigs with 7/0 hooks on lug and squid cocktails, but guess what...
  2. South East Catch Reports
    Had a session at sandwich bay at the weekend and put the video on youtube. Please watch it and like and subscribe if you enjoy it.
  3. South East Catch Reports
    hi all I've been away from the forum for a long time but rediscovered it during lockdown and found some interesting reads. I also found a lot of youtube videos very helpful as diaries ,showing what can be caught at different venues. so.....I have started recording some of my sessions around...
  4. South East Catch Reports
    First post so would love some help! So... where should I go for a spot of fishing tomorrow night around 7pm? Was wanting to go to the island and try to get a ray for my dad but they seem to have dried up due to the cold? Should we head over there (bearing in mind we are in Ramsgate!) or...
  5. Saltwater Fly Fishing
    Looking out over the sea this morning when parking for the dog walk, it had 'likely bass or mullet catch' written all over its glass-like surface, so out came the fly rod and swff waistcoat from under the Beetle’s bonnet and off we went. Did the usual top-of-the-cliff outward-bound bit which...
  6. South East Catch Reports
    Well we headed down to Deal in Kent last weekend to see who was home. We didn't think much would come out but you have to be in it to win it, so with that in minds off we went at first light. Looking online the conditions seemed perfect to take the boat out for a days fishing off the Kent coast...
  7. Saltwater Fly Fishing
    Popped out for a lunchtime saltwater session over low water yesterday, water was 19c so left the waders at home and went in swimshorts etc - a lot easier to get ready and cooler too. Used a sandeel-style fly and caught a few of these schoolies at waist depth.
  8. South East Catch Reports
    Lovely sunny day at the Kingsdown. 3rd cast and as soon as weight hits the bottom this lovely fish hooks on. Also had a Red mullet, unfortunately didn't make to the video. All caught by James. I only had horse makrel. Enjoy the video and don't forget to subscribe for more video reports. Thanks...
  9. South East Catch Reports
    Fantastic day out with plenty of fish..
  10. South East Catch Reports
    Smooth Hounds hunt. Very eventful night. Almost lost a rod :)
1-10 of 10 Results