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  1. Tackle & Equipment Discussions
    Got 3 days up channel planned, made a load of leads, only managed to wire 1 3rd of them as the wires my mate ordered haven't arrived. What are my best options on sourcing some wire? I'm thinking maybe a welding wholesaler but unsure as iv always ordered them online. Any adive will be...
  2. DIY Tackle
    Hi there im wondering if the folks on here can help im looking for a supplier of scrap lead preferably within 100miles of Arbroath Scotland but might be willing to go a bit further as im looking to make my own weights again. It seems to be a hell of a job obtaining it from local scrap...
  3. DIY Tackle
    Guys I have the gemini system 100 mould. I tried to make 7+8oz weights the other evening using the little cut out gemini provided. I can't get passed 6oz!! Now for the 7+8oz do you need the long tail loops or are the standard ones ok? Someone please advise as I'm baffled.
  4. Home Made Lures!
    My last post on here caused a bit of controversy so lets try again..... I have finally got around to making some homemade lead heads for split belly shads using a 2-part high temperature resistant RTV silicon mould. The design is based on a popular lure but i have used what i would consider an...
1-4 of 4 Results