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  1. Tackle & Equipment Discussions
    hi guys, i got a holiday planned for a sailing holiday in the med, ive got a travel rod, im wanting to pair it with a small fixed spool reel loaded with 20-30lb braid. not sure what ill be fishing for or how. any advice welcome shakey
  2. Light Rock Fishing / Light Game Forum
    Hi guys, I've been interested in starting light rock fishing for some time now. I am based in Northern Ireland and do many different types of fishing. Although I have never done LRF. I would like to do this while also doing long-distance beach casting. What would youse recommend as a basic startup?
  3. Light Rock Fishing / Light Game Forum
    Hi folks bought a HTO Rockfish Revoloution 3-12goff ebay and on my second outing the tip packed in with a 10g wedge on it..ive sent it back for a refund but i notice hardly anyone has any of these rods in stock leading me to believe that its been discontinued, what is everyone else using in that...
  4. Light Rock Fishing / Light Game Forum
    Hi all im pretty new to lrf fishing and am looking to find my feet this thinking on trying weedless jigheads and lures but was wondering if they really are as good as people say they are or are they a bit of a fad? If there any good does anyone on here do them in weedless? cheers...
1-4 of 4 Results