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  1. Shore Angling
    Hi all, I recently purchased an old (fairly stiff) Conoflex beach rod and using with a Daiwa 7HT. I've loaded the 7HT with 30lbs 8x strand jbraid and 60lbs shock leader. It casts like a dream and bite detection is not bad with the braid, but had a snap off on my second session after dragging in...
  2. Casting Forum.
    Hi guys Can anybody advise me what is the diameter of the line I can use for casting (sea fishing). Some anglers mentioned braided line. I don't understand the difference between the lines, can somebody explain please.
  3. Reel Repair and Maintenance
    Morning all. I've just spooled my new Daiwa BG 3000 with braid and now the spool looks like an hourglass. Should shims have come with the reel, as I can't find any in the box? I've messaged Daiwa UK and as expected they been about a helpful as a finger up the @rse. Thanks. OA
  4. Tackle & Equipment Discussions
    I am looking for a new reel. I have managed with my freshwater reels so far because I haven't got to hook into anything for a combination of reasons while fishing cayo guillermo. I am hoping to put a few things right and get a better weeks fishing. I need a reel that is capable of holding a good...
  5. Beginners and Improvers
    So I've never fished in the sea before, and am going beach casting in a few months and want to get setup properly before I go... I have a rod and reel (Penn Rampage II Surf 2018 and Penn Fierce II 8000 Live Liner) but the reel has no line and I need to know what to set it up. The kit I have is...
  6. DIY Tackle
    If your reel needs extra spool washers to even the line lay, then check this out.
1-6 of 6 Results