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  1. Strangford bar mouth

    Northern Ireland & Rep of Ireland Catch Reports
    Hey is there many people on here fish from boat around the bar mouth strangford Lough. Or further out. If so how does it fish this time of year for ling, pollock and conger? Any techniques work better drift or anchoring? The dream is a pollock over 4lb that’s all I’ve got this year. Still been...
  2. Eastern challengers

    Scotland Catch Reports
    This week the weather was perfect for a paddle East . We made a small competition between ourselves , Scotland , Portugal and France . The task was to catch different species . A seven miles paddle out to sea . The competition . Team Portugal and Scotland heading out to sea . Good...
  3. A solo adventure , cod , ling and bass .

    Scotland Catch Reports
    This week was a little tricky , this time I had no choice but to head out solo . The sea just the sea , paddle in hand and some fishing rods I just wanted to go . The East coast was calling and the weather was perfect . The first task was to transport all the gears to the water . Early...
  4. Dunstanburgh castle, seahouses, cullernose point

    North East Catch Reports
    Wey its been ages since i been out fishing so me and jacky decided to book a hotel for the night so we could hit 3 marks in 2 days. The first mark was dunstanburgh castle, apparently the deepest water on the east coast of England so must be home to some beastly cod(yessssss haha) We got to this...
  5. Catch up of my years angling.

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Not posted a report in a long time. So heres a report of my trips so far this year..... I have had many trips sw this year and had some nice rays bass hounds huss and tope as well as dogs etc...biggest ray at 9lb 14oz hounds at the 8lb + range with some bass at the 5lb + mark and huss around 6lb...
  6. Shore Orkney 2018 part 2

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Orkney Island 2018 part 2 I woke up on day 2 about 2 hrs before low water, with the rain still not here but the wind was a lot stronger and coming straight from the South. First call was to drive to Scapa Bay to dig a few fresh worms. It was obvious very early on that Plan A was not going to...
  7. Boat Oystercat 08/10/2017

    South & West Wales Catch Reports
    The forecast for the days leading up to the trip was poor; 3-4 days of high winds and a reasonable swell would have dirtied the inshore waters - a massive (nearly 13m) tide will have dirtied the offshore banks; so both bassing, breaming and ray fishing all would have been hindered. Instead, we...
  8. Skye lure fishing. Not winter yet!

    Scotland Catch Reports
    November was unstable weather-wise but still had some good days and surprisingly managed to find a mark with good numbers of ballan wrasse. Theyre not as common as id like up here and that session brought a smile to my face! A few weeks ago we also had the first frosts of the year but then...
  9. Boat A Weekend At Loch Leven

    Scotland Catch Reports
    This years September Weekend was just the 2 of us, as my brother was on nightshift all weekend so couldn't come up for some fash. My dad and I had planned to get everything sorted on Thursday so that we could make a quick getaway on Friday. Got all the camping and fishing gear looked out and we...