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  1. General Sea Angling Discussion
    Evening all hope everything is safe and well. mouth of interest in people’s experience what are the best conditions for sea fishing. I’ve been reading up a lot about tides and moon types and how they all relate to the feeding habits of fish. From what I understand the best fishing is at a...
  2. North West & the Isle of Man Catch Reports
    Hi all I'm based in South West Cumbria and wondering if anyone knows any good low water venues? I often fish silecroft but I only ever see people about at high tide - as with most of the other marks I fish. Anywhere from barrow/walney up to Whitehaven is well within range. I don't really care...
  3. South Coast & Channel Islands Catch Reports
    Hi All, Just wondering if anyone has an advice regarding fishing the low water mark around Brighton and Hove? I usually fish two hours up/two hours down on the high water mark, but this week I will only be able to get out closer to low tide. Are there any stretches of beach that fish...
  4. South Coast & Channel Islands Catch Reports
    Hi, Going down to Chesil with the family on the 6th May bank holiday. Checked the tide times and it'll be low tide during the day when I'll be fishing. Does anyone know any good low tide marks on Chesil and any tips (bait, fish species) would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. South West Catch Reports
    Hi, We are staying near Ilfracombe this week and hope to get in some fishing. The times we were hoping to go out seem to all be at low tide. So was wondering whether there were any good low tide marks in the area and any tips would be appreciated, Thanks
  6. Species Hunt 2019.
    Fishing low tide at Freshwater Beach, Burton Bradstock, Dorset. Caught on first cast of the day.
  7. General Sea Angling Discussion
    The wife wants to fish the cold knap (Barry) on low water on Saturday of this week (June 2017). The high is around mid day and we would arrive after the high, fish it out and then fish low for a few hours. Tide hight is around 9.5 of the Cardiff scale. What's the chances of a catch on low...
  8. Shore Angling
    hi all I've just moved to south Cumbria and looking to take advantage of a day off work on Saturday and hopefully get out with the rods for the first time in about a year. I've been advised on fishing the mussle beds at morcombe for some flatties at low tide but don't really know a lot about...
  9. South Coast & Channel Islands Catch Reports
    Hello fellow fisherman's friends... I'm looking for some low tide marks on the island other than pier stuff. Anyone have any advice as to where to go? My aim is to be able to fish all day long, all states of the tide! haha... Not too fussed about particular species being targeted. Would like to...
1-9 of 9 Results