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  1. Boat Angling / Angling Afloat
    Taking a chance and running off to a new wreck way offshore I had perfect conditions for using slow jigs. As the video shows they absolutely nailed it with a few nice fish falling to the baits as well.
  2. Freshwater & Saltwater Lure Fishing.
    Taking a chance and running off to a new wreck way offshore I had perfect conditions for using slow jigs. As the video shows they absolutely nailed it!!!
  3. Boat Angling / Angling Afloat
    This isn't the most recent session ( last month ) but it really is one I will remember for a long time. I had been wanting to catch a John Dory for many years and finally the planets aligned for me. I hope you enjoy the video and tight lines.
  4. Boat Owning, Equipment and Maintenance
    Good evening, I was hoping someone could help me out with some tips about getting the boat. I moved to Southampton few weeks ago, and as I always liked lure fishing, I'm trying to pick up sea lure fishing (so far failing miserably). I was thinking about getting myself afloat, the problem is I'm...
  5. Newbie Introduction Forum
    Hi, I'm new to sea fishing and what got me started was the numerous spinning videos on YouTube by Cornish Coast and Kayak Sea Fishing. What could be better than having a mobile set-up to explore the rocky coast, looking for safe ground with a chance of catching a magnificent fish. With respect...
  6. East Coast Catch Reports
    Hi Guys, I‘ve been searching the site for some recommendations for lure fishing for bass. I live in Leicestershire so spend most of my time perch/pike fishing but love to go bass fishing when I’m down in Cornwall. We have a place in thornham that we go to a couple times a year so it would be...
  7. Bass Lure Fishing Forum
    Hi all, Looking at getting myself a spinning rod in the next couple of weeks, I have a budget of roughly £50. The rod I lure fish with at the moment is one I picked up for a fiver (cw 80-150g) so not ideal! I'm looking for a 9' rod with a cw between 15/20-60g. I have looked at the Abu Garcia...
  8. General Sea Angling Discussion
    Had a wee hour or so at the layby under the oban side of the Connel bridge this afternoon, tide was running at warp speed into etive Just using 10ft spinning rod 18lb main on fixed spool. Using couple of different lures sparkly blue purple and black n silver. And a gold phallic shaped lure with...
  9. Lure Fishing How To Guides
    Morning WSF little pointer video on catching mackerel including cooking up Mack burgers on the rocks. subscribe if you likey! @beneath the waves fishing
  10. Bass Lure Fishing Forum
    Morning team. been trying to get out on my two hours exercise as much as possible recently. Just been extended to 4 hours. so getting out and tested some new lures ASAP. Any one tried the Salmo diving lure? many info would be appreciated
  11. Freshwater & Saltwater Lure Fishing.
    Anyone ever used a Ragaia Portuguesa metal / sandeel lure in uk waters. Loved in the north of Portugal. let me know. Also here is my latest video on the beneath the waves fishing Chan.
  12. Bass Lure Fishing Forum
    Evening team. Another little video from the last few weeks fishing. It’s been a tough slog in February. But we have managed to pull a few strings. Going to try some new tactics next month. Anyone used a Ragaia Portuguesa in uk waters? Let me know. Enjoy the video. Short and sweet.
  13. Bass Lure Fishing Forum
    I was wondering if this is a good way to lure fish for bass off the south east coast of England for bass and other fish
  14. Cooking your catch
    It is 2 hours to the East from Seoul the capital city of South Korea. This city is also popular among Korean people for its beautiful long beach and thick Pine tree forest and mountains. (In the year 2018, the Winter Olympic took place in Korea. The very place of where the event took place was...
  15. Beginners and Improvers
    Evening team. move recently been traveling for a couple of years. Carrying a couple of rods with me one heavy one light in my backpack. It worked pretty well. The only issue I had was carrying the reels. Usually in a plastic container filled will socks etc to keep them from banging. Can anyone...
  16. Rest of the World
    Evening team WSF move just got back from my travels and finished the last leg in California around Los Angeles. What a fishin system they have. Calico bass running the kelp beds in the surf and on the reefs. Thanks for all the help everyone gave me on here regarding an older post. Neptune’s...
  17. Scotland Catch Reports
    Hello all! Planning a move to Edinburgh next year. Recently got back into fishing for the first time since I was a teenager. Here in Wales over the last few weeks, been targeting mullet on bread and bass on lures. What species could I aim to catch from the shore/rocks/marinas in and around...
  18. Newbie Introduction Forum
    Would love to hear any advice or pointers for light tackle lure fishing around Southampton. My experience is all from abroad and mostly trolling. I've bought a very lightweight (possibly a mistake?) set up in the hopes of hearing that sweet sweet sound of a screaming drag! Any advice you can...
  19. Bass Lure Fishing Forum
    Photographed an 11lb 4zs bass yesterday for this man, said his name was danny baker, and that he was on here birds nest baker or something, desoerate to find him to send him these pictures !! Caught out of shoreham on a kayak, savage gear lure and 10lb flouro
  20. Flatfish forum.
    Tae-an is one of the favorite fishing spot of people from Seoul the Capital city of South Korea. Being 150km away and 2 hours from Seoul , many people from Seoul come here for Fishing. It boasts long 100km shore line. It has Yellow sea(West sea) Also this region is known for high population of...