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  1. General Lure Fishing
    Had one of them nights last week (actually on a couple of occasions) when the bass were right up the bay and feeding hard in minimal water. I couldn’t believe it when they were taking everythingI threw at them. Lures bigger than the bass on occasions. a good time tothrow somelures that don’t...
  2. General Lure Fishing
    Haas anyone tried a lemon back coloured lures. Not been a fan favourite of this combo but recently getting stuck into it. What’s everyone’s opinion on it and what’s he type of are you would use or situation. Here’s my latest adventure using it for the first time
  3. The Bass Lure Forum
    Good evening all. bass fishing.. lemon back lures / lemon mirangue. does anyone use them. A good friend of mine suggested them to me in clear water. Something we have a lot of in jersey at the moment. so I decided to give it a whirl and bang the fish were loving it. anyone have a time and...
  4. New Member Introductions Forum
    Hi all, Been a member and lurker for some years but recently moved and thought I'd say hi and ask for advice. I'm a very novice and would say fair weather angler. I am set up for lure fishing as I find this more enjoyable. I will be after some advice on marks for doing this nearby as now live...
  5. Europe
    Thanks again to the guys who have us some tips for the recent week I had in copenhagen for work. Managed to get a few on the lures including a nice inner city fish. amazing place and if anyone goes there I recommend you take a light travel rod. Hope you in enjoy ❤️🇩🇰
  6. Reel Repair and Maintenance
    Hi all I'm desperate for a spare spool for my abu revo alx 3000 spinning reel. Tried everywhere, everything and anyone I can think off. My only hope is some kind soul on here has a damaged/worn out one sitting around and they're willing to sell the spool. Please help!
  7. Europe
    Dear WSF it’s not very often I come on here ask some questions and get a 10/10 response. I asked the other day about fishing in Rennes so I got there got a liscence and fished the river villaine one morningin search for anything. I fished my trust HTO rockfish 19 3-12g rod with a 1000 reel...
  8. The Bass Lure Forum
    Morning all. been a tough week on the bass with this ever lasting north easterly wind but we found a few: Enjoy the video below Sam
  9. Europe
    Good morning all. Im on a small 3/4 day trip this weekend to Rennes. What can i fish for in this area, Fresh or any salt esturies ( id ont think there is) Id pref want to fish with lures, but if not anything will do. Please advise. Regards Sam Sam Daniel JT IOT Support Coordinator...
  10. General Lure Fishing
    Morning all. been getting out on the vessel bait recently as the weather has let us. Small tides and hardly any run (1-1.5knts) at the top of the tide meant we could have a play with smaller jigs around 30g. my question is what jigging lures do people use in around 20 meters of water or less...
  11. The Bass Lure Forum
    Morning all, been recently using some of the well designed and amazingly good looking Fishus range by fishus lorenzo. The small soft plastics they use fish well on a savage gear head in a 12.5g version. And I’ve been doing well on in. In the most recent video below I nail my nice bass of the...
  12. New Member Introductions Forum
    Hi Guys, Regular beech fishermen along Chisel….but would not I’m an expert. Just bought myself a light weight lure combo…. New to this, any recommendations on easy to get mark near Plymouth?
  13. General Lure Fishing
    Good afternoon and happy new year fishos. Been a great end to the season with a few fish to finish the year off in some quite messy conditions. Usually when the sea hits the sub 10 degrees mark I stop for a while but fish the odd session here and there for bass. And push my attention to night...
  14. Lure Fishing How To Guides
    Morning team. been a successful year on the jigs with some great hoods coming up. may main rig and standout has been the two jig rig but some squid have taken the bling rig. both super easy to make and effective. If you want to learn how to rig up for these check the link below. always happy...
  15. South East Catch Reports
    Hi Folks, I'll be doing a bit of casual boat fishing with a family member around the Medway main channel off Gillingham this Autumn and I'm wondering if I'm likely to pick anything up on small deep water lures ie paddle tails, slow pitch jigs etc or does it need to be bait. A small Smooth Hound...
  16. South Coast & Channel Islands Catch Reports
    Hi I'm staying in Poole this weekend. I've brought my lures with me so I'm looking for a spot to do some bass fishing. Any local knowledge will be appreciated. Thanks
  17. The Bass Lure Forum
    was down in cornwall for a week last week, had 3 bass on lures and one pollack, lost one big fish from the rumps which i believe was probably a big pollack or even bass, was a good trip as i’m a big lure fisherman but rarely fish big lures in the uk sea so was good fun throwing larger hard baits...
  18. General Sea Angling Discussion
    Hi guys, thinking of going down to Sandbanks with a mullet spinner rig? Does anyone know if there are mullet to be caught down by the chain ferry at Sandbanks side?
  19. South West Catch Reports
    Hi All, I'm working in Mithian on the 5th July and keen to stay in Cornwall for the week fishing. I'm looking for anywhere with relatively easy access (i don't mind a clamber, but nothing too dangerous!) and not too off the beaten track, as I'll be using public transport. I was in Perranporth a...
1-20 of 89 Results