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  1. Rest of the World
    Evening all, I'm heading to Bali in early October and am looking for some likely shore based lure locations to catch GT and anything else worth targeting. I'd be grateful for any pointers. Thanks.
  2. South Coast & Channel Islands Catch Reports
    Hi I'm staying in Poole this weekend. I've brought my lures with me so I'm looking for a spot to do some bass fishing. Any local knowledge will be appreciated. Thanks
  3. Mullet Anglers Forum
    Hi guys, thinking of going down to Sandbanks with a mullet spinner rig? Does anyone know if there are mullet to be caught down by the chain ferry at Sandbanks side?
  4. South & West Wales Catch Reports
    I am spending a week in Amroth, West Wales, in August and need advice on the best spot to try my hand at spinning for mackerel and possibly bass. I am a novice and have a 10 ft mackerel rod. Planning to use lures/spinners/feathers primarily. Can anyone recommend good locations nearby and perhaps...
  5. East Coast Catch Reports
    Hi Guys, I‘ve been searching the site for some recommendations for lure fishing for bass. I live in Leicestershire so spend most of my time perch/pike fishing but love to go bass fishing when I’m down in Cornwall. We have a place in thornham that we go to a couple times a year so it would be...
  6. East Coast Catch Reports
    Despite having enjoyed some success lure fishing for bass in the river Yare at Great Yarmouth between Asda on one side and Cobholm on the other am I now wasting my time fishing there? The reasons I ask are:- I haven't caught any fish on the last 3 occasions I've been there; I haven't seen...
  7. The Bass Lure Forum
    Hi All, I’m Dan, I use to do a fair bit of Bass fishing a couple of years back and had a bit of a hiatus... beck running the Sussex coast again now (wind permitting). I’m off to dorset in a couple of weeks staying over towards the bridport area and near chesil. Most of my fishing at home...
  8. The Bass Lure Forum
    I am new to surf fishing in this country and will be going on Thursday down south coast strip. Anywhere along Eastbourne way? I heard Of Beachy Head but not sure if there is places to fish given the cliffs? Any advice would be appreciated.
  9. Carp and Coarse
    Nothing seriously made, just some lovely memories and some easy watching , i hope My apologies for lack of landing mat, we had one, of course ! but getting a fish back in the water is my priority, and sometimes 7 year olds arent the easiest to command to collect gear lol. A very wet and muddy...
  10. Europe
    Hi, I have been looking online for some information on fishing in Lanzarote. I had a family holiday booked for the last week in November, but due to a broken relationship I have now found myself going alone. I have decided to base it on a weeks fishing holiday and have been to Lanzarote well...
  11. General Lure Fishing
    Hi folks im currently using Kastkings mega 8 for seatrout but im loking to come down to abut 5lb braid, can anyone recmend me a good 8 strand braid that i can purchase in the uk? ive been looking at sunline siglon but i cant seem to get it in the uk. If anyone can help i would be most greatful...
  12. Tackle & Equipment Discussions
    A birthday present DAIWA SALTIST AGS II SEABASS EDITION needs a good 2500 reel to compliment it. Looking at the Shimano Stradic Ci4+ FB Reel - but also they have a FB HG . Any thoughts on the difference in High Gear version? The new rod is lovely BTW, works lures on the surface with ease and...
  13. Home Made Lures!
    Hi there folks, im looking for advice on home made mepps, I have managed to source all materials except the wire for making the shafts off the mepp..can anyone point me in the right direction? I was considering stainless Tig wire but i have no idea on what gauge to use and if it will even be...
  14. The Bass Lure Forum
    What kind of lure cases you guys use for shads and black minnows. For the hard lures ofc I use the double sides lureboxes but I am sure for softlures are maybe better options.
  15. South West Catch Reports
    Hi guys, I'm pretty new to fishing and I've been a few times at sidmouth, Dawlish and torquay, but I'm based in Exminster and was wanting a place within 20/25 mins of there; did okay with mackies at sidmouth and Dawlish but apart from that I've not caught a lot. My current gear is just a 9ft...
  16. The Bass Lure Forum
    Hi folks im looking on Ali express for bass lures. Ive never fished for bass before so im a complete newbie. I was wondering what lures you have all gotten off there as there is so much choice i dont know where to start. Many thanks
  17. General Lure Fishing
    Hi all i was wondering if i could pick any minds...i was wondering what the potential for sea trout on light jig heads say about 4g with a small jelly single tail lure?? many thanks :)
  18. Light Rock Fishing / Light Game Forum
    Hi guys. I'm pretty new to all this fishing, and choose to take up LRF. Not had much luck with the lures yet, but I'm not giving up. What success do you guys have in UK waters when fishing LRF in winter months? Should I stick to bottom fishing with bait at this time of year or will I still...
  19. Rest of the World
    Hi All Thanks for having me on the Forum. I wonder if anyone can help? I am taking the family (wife and 2 boys - 10 and 7) to Mauritius and staying in North West at La Victoria. My boys love fishing and I am hoping to get some shore lure fishing for small fish (even if its 2lb fish). We...
  20. The Bass Lure Forum
    Hi folks ive seen some bass catches up my way and i want to try using plugs for them but dont know where to start...could someone give me some pointers on what and what not to buy to start me out? cheers
1-20 of 46 Results