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  1. General Lure Fishing
    I'm desperate for a spare spool for my abu alx 3000. Happy to pay cash or swap for a few high end hard baits, too many to list. Please contact me to discuss and pick from IMA, MEGABASS, XORUS, TACKLE HOUSE or a few other brands. Thanks
  2. Swap Your Lures!
    Hi all I'm desperate for a spare spool for my revo ALX 3000. Willing to swap a few lures for one. Please contact me to discuss. I've numerous IMA, XORUS, MEGABASS, TACKLE HOUSE and plenty of other quality hard baits for you to choose from, too many to list
  3. Rest of the World
    Hi all, i am heading to Sri Lanka in two weeks for a fortnight. Doing a week central then a week south coast near Hiriketiya and Mirissa. Any recommendations on where to fish on the south coast from the shore? I’ve bought a Shimano STC travel spin rod 20-60g. Wondering if a 5000 reel would be...
  4. Rest of the World
    In a couple of weeks I am staying at a resort which has areas which allow beach fishing. As I’ve never fished the region before, I wondered if there may 3 lures which could provide all round decent sport? Also, what sort of trace material may be recommended? Any advice greatly appreciated
  5. General Lure Fishing
    Hi all Thank you all in advance for any tips, advice any and all contributions to this thread. I will start by saying I'm looking for assistance in catching sea trout on lures from saltwater. I am aware of the season and hold the correct licence for targeting these beautiful bars of silver...
  6. General Sea Angling Discussion
    I usually just go with standard sea fishing set up like a flapper rig with squid and mackerel which has been fairly effective but just wondering if anyone else has had some success with lures for cod around the carmarthenshire / ceredigeon area? Cheers
  7. Rig Making Forum.
    Morning Team and HNY. Its been a quiet christrmas on my end. Not much fishing has happened but a little spring clean on the tackle front. Ive got so many lures that have rips and tears and look like they just want to be chucked in the bin. Half of them have gone and half of them have had a...
  8. The Bass Lure Forum
    Hi all, Apart from a little perch session I've not been out for far to long. Just wondering if there's anyone is still catching anywhere along the midd and North Wales coasts. I'm at the point now I'm getting out asap before I go stir crazy. I don't mind a drive or horrendous weather either...
  9. The Bass Lure Forum
    I'm planning a very early morning trip to Anglesea on Saturday. I've two marks in mind, one on either side of the island. I'm thinking make a decision which one to fish based on the wind when I get there. One I've fished a few times and always caught (low tide about 3am) The other I've seen both...
  10. The Bass Lure Forum
    Just returned from 10 idyllic days at hafan y mor site on the peninsula. Spent the first few days chasing non existent mackerel on ultralight gear (more at home on the canal) with a view to giving the humble mackerel a sporting chance. 3 gar between me and my daughter was all we had to show for...
  11. South West Catch Reports
    Hi All, I’m a relative novice and looking for some tips on general areas of interest for a bit of fishing next weekend. I’m camping and don’t have a car, found a few sites on Portland which I may stay at. I’m bringing an 8ft mackerel spinning rod, medium weight. Several metals, patch 100, feed...
  12. Scotland Catch Reports
    Hi everyone. I’m fairly new to this and looking for somewhere up to 1.5 - 2 hours drive from Glasgow where I could pick up some pollock or bass from the shore using lures. Also, when in terms of both months and tide (high or low). Thanks.
  13. The Bass Lure Forum
    Hi I'm new here and this is my first ever post. I'm heading over to llandanwg beach (other side of the estuary from shell island) for tonight's low around 19.00. Planning on throwing a few lures up till dark. Anyone fished the mark in similar fashion? Any advice or tips greatly appreciated! I...
  14. South & West Wales Catch Reports
    Got a spinning rod rated for 15-40g casting weight and I've fished down Barry docks for 2 months now and had a few eels and the odd mullet but that's about it. Im leaving for uni on Sunday so want to do a bit of fishing before I leave. Supposed to be high tides this week down Penarth so reckon...
  15. South West Catch Reports
    Hi all, looking to fish Saunton rocks tomorrow, I know the way down there but wondering what the best method of fishing is there and what can be caught? Read that there’s a quite a lot of dogs down there which I want to try avoid. looking to float fish, feather and spin. Are these all suitable...
  16. The Bass Lure Forum
    Hi, I’ll be holidaying in Suffolk towards the end of August near Aldeburgh and was wondering if anyone could advise of any nearby spots where I could do a bit of lure fishing from the shore? I’m fairly new to this so any tips on lures/methods would also be greatly appreciated thanks.
  17. North Wales Catch Reports
    Hi All, What are the best lures for snaggy (seaweed) and cloudy water?? - Fluorescent / dark colours? - Surface plugs and shallow divers / weedless minnows / sandeels? I'm new to bass fishing and have been researching my local area (The Swellies, Menai Strait, NW Wales) and I've found a few...
  18. The Bass Lure Forum
    Hi All, What are the best lures for snaggy (seaweed) and cloudy water?? - Fluorescent / dark colours? - Surface plugs and shallow divers / weedless minnows / sandeels? I'm new to bass fishing and have been researching my local area (The Swellies, Menai Strait, NW Wales) and I've found a few...
  19. The Bass Lure Forum
    So I'm new to the lure side of things, in Cornwall near st Austell, I've fished most of my life either commercially or more recently as a hobby. My go-to is beach or rock fishing a baited line on the bottom but fancy a bit of a different challenge! My question is... Being on a bit of a tight...
  20. Rest of the World
    It is always good to receive a tackle delivery and yesterday was no exception with a lovely package from Eric at Orion Lures. They are not all for me but great to unwrap. The lures are for a forthcoming trip to Panama in 6 weeks and the big beasts for Oman next March. Can't wait!!!
1-20 of 42 Results