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  1. Europe
    Today we have been out with some of our friends and ex UK anglers on a mixed day fishing trip. We started today with a bit of trolling on the way down to the fishing grounds. We ran some lures way out back of the boat in the hope of picking up a barracuda or a wahoo. No bites unfortunately but...
  2. Europe
    Hi all. If you fancy a Marlin or A Tuna while on holiday in Madeira (which is a quite affordable and interesing holiday destination, hugely rich in culture fauna and flora i may add) i recomend this charter...
  3. New Member Introductions Forum
    Hello everyone, I'm from Madeira Island (Portugal) and i'm new to this forum. I also share the same love for fishing as all of you guys, i've been fishing since i was a really young boy. Most of the times i do spinning, but i also like surf-casting and float. Cheers!!
1-3 of 3 Results