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  1. 🛒 Lure Section Classified Forum
    Very reluctant sale of my seabass custom. Cash needed to fund my dream rod. If nobody wants it I'm happy to keep it tbh. It really is a wonderful bit of kit! OK onto the rod itself, I've owned it from new when they came out. It's one of three bass lure rods I own so has recieved sporadic use...
    £300 GBP
  2. Tackle & Equipment Discussions
    Evening all, I'm going to Mauritius in October this year and I'm after a travel rod for lure fishing. I've heard that the locals eat pretty much everything they catch, so there aren't a lot of fish around of any real size. With this in mind, I'm looking for a travel lure around the 20g mark or...
1-2 of 2 Results