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  1. South East Catch Reports
    Hi Folks, I'll be doing a bit of casual boat fishing with a family member around the Medway main channel off Gillingham this Autumn and I'm wondering if I'm likely to pick anything up on small deep water lures ie paddle tails, slow pitch jigs etc or does it need to be bait. A small Smooth Hound...
  2. New Member Introductions Forum
    Hey! New to this. Anyone know where is free to fish in Snodland or nearby. Other than Neville park I have been there a lot. I would like to have a go at the stretch of the Medway that runs along the back of the lakes. Thanks
  3. Lure Fishing How To Guides
    I am looking for some advice/info regarding spin/lure fishing from the shore. Can you throw it out anywhere? I.e from the beach or do you have to fish near rocks etc. I live in medway and as you may or may not know the water is very dirty, can you fish in dirty coloured water or does it have to...
  4. Shore Angling
    Hiya everyone i have another question to ask lol can you still fish sun pier in chatham next to staples thanks in advance
1-4 of 4 Results